Tuesday Night TV Recap

I can judge how well a TV show is doing by the order in which I watch it. After coming home last night a bit later then expected, I had the opportunity to choose which of my Tuesday Night favourites to watch first.

scrubsFirst up was SCRUBS. To be perfectly honest, it wasn’t my favourite episode of the season. I had higher expectations for the ‘Dr. Cox’ storyline. I would have liked to see Dr. Cox affected for a few more episodes, rather then the quick (un-Scrubs-like) 22 minute sitcom fix. But not being a SCRUBS writer, I don’t have much say in the matter! Of course as has been the case with the past few weeks, the show ended off with a killer song, one that I’ll once again be downloading off iTunes.

Knowing this was the second to last episode, I had high expectations for VERONICA MARS. Rob Thomas did not dissappoint. The trial of Aaron Echolls! Was I surprised with the outcome, honestly, not at all. This is America after all (Oj anyone!). More important will be what roll (if any) Aaron Echolls played in the bus crash. While all signs are currently pointed to Woody, I’m convinced Beav was edited out of the tape, and he definitely will be playing a role in the finale. Afterall, his part has never been that large, he was made a regular this season for a reason. Can I also say I can’t stand the actress who plays Jackie – Simply put I find her incredibly annoying.

gilmore girlsFinally we come to GILMORE GIRLS. Let me say this: There is no character I detest on TV more then MICHELLE! I’m sorry, I hate his character, he’s a cartoon, and completely annoying. I can’ think of a character I’m more likely to fast forward on my PVR. That said, I really enjoyed the second to last episode of the season (and of the Team Palladino era). Luke giving out relationship advice? Well he did read that self-help book two seasons ago. It was nice to see him give out some really great advice to TJ, putting his marriage back on track. If only he could take some of his own advice. Also, as much as Emily and Lorelai fight, it’s always a great moment when Emily forgets all her status and ettiquet and just supports her daughter. Finally, any episode that pegs Sookie and Jackson as Drug Runners deserves an A+ in my book! (there entire story, while ridiculous was so funny)

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  • Jenny

    Awww, I loved Scrubs! I can see why they didn’t drag out the storyline, being so close to the end of the season. And that final scene made me bawl like a baby. 😀

  • It was a GREAT final scene. Do you know what the song was? I guess the season has been so INCREDIBLE, that this episode was just ‘good’ still ‘great’ and still better then most of the comedies on TV, just not as great as the previous weeks episode 🙂

  • Jenny

    Friend of mine says it’s “Something Else” by Gary Jules.

  • thanks Jenny! checking out iTunes now!