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In response to the success of’s free TV via broadband internet, theTVaddict has learned that CBS is poised to launch a similar broadband TV station, as early as this today. In fact, if you hop on over to right now you can check it out.

On the CW front, KAZW-TV accidently released a press release stating the “The CW” would start airing new shows on September 18th. Too bad the network didn’t accidently release the CW schedule – now that would be news! Finally, according to

According to Variety, the CW network officially begins screening pilots and deliberating over its first-ever fall-schedule offerings on Thursday. Execs, led by CW entertainment president Dawn Ostroff, will hole up in screening rooms to sample the new projects, but it is not clear whether they will also screen such existing WB-UPN shows as Veronica Mars and One Tree Hill. One long-running series not expected to make the cut is 7th Heaven, despite recent last-minute salvation buzz; insiders tell Variety the season finale is, in fact, the series ender, and there are no plans for a spin-off.

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  • Jenny

    Whew, that’s good news about 7th Heaven at least. LOL

  • Jenny

    man, if that player is what is going to use for regular shows, that sucks. Talk about buffering. I had ZERO buffering for the ones. Stupid CBS. 😛 lol