Lost & Alias Finales get Abrams Approval

In an interview conducted while promoting his latest film (you may have heard of his little art-house piece called Mission Impossible III), creative genius J.J. Abrams gave two thumbs up to two of his most popular creations: the series finale of ALIAS, and the season finale of LOST

This is something we have been anticipating for a while. I think it’s the right time to end the series,” he says. “It’s definitely bittersweet for a lot of obvious reasons. It’s an incredible cast and crew so we’ll miss them but I hope to work with all of them again soon.”

“But in terms of the end of the year, it’s actually a really good finale,” he continues about “Alias.” “I think it’s incredibly satisfying. It connects all these pieces that have been in the ‘Alias’ universe from the beginning and I’m really proud of the work that Jeff Pinkner, Drew Goddard and the other amazing writers in the show have done, not just this year but building up to the finale which I think is going to be a really, really powerful and exciting ending.”

On the LOST front, J.J. says:

“The ending of this year in ‘Lost’ blows the ending of last season out of the water. It’s an incredible finale.” He continues to say, “You’ll see what happens but I can tell you that a lot of it has been there and been building from the beginning of this season, It’s not out of the blue, but what happens at the very end of this year, for me, it’s the greatest finale I have ever heard.”

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