My OFFICE Report

I don’t understand how everyone at THE OFFICE always looks so depressed. From booze cruises to karate lunch hour death matches, THE OFFICE gives me the impression that working at an actual office is so much fun.

This weeks entertainment revolved around Michael Scott taking over as conflict resolutions manager. Listening to Dwight’s endless complaints against Jim was so funny. Jim truly is an ‘evil’ genius – if only he had a real job to put his creative energies towards. As funny as his ‘practical jokes’ were though, for the first time I actually started to sympathize with Dwight. Instead of seeing the usual nerdy office worker, I actually found myself feeling proud of Dwight’s self control, and impressed that he hasn’t taken his Wal-Mart purchased official Star Wars Lightsaber and tried to chop Jim’s head off.

On the romantic front, it seems Jim is really getting tired of the endless Pam/Roy Wedding planning. No doubt this will play a major role in the upcoming (supersized!) season finale. While I definitely don’t think Pam and Roy will end up walking down the aisle, the writers should be careful with putting Jim and Pam together so quickly. I don’t want to see the show ‘Jump the Shark’ with only 1.5 seasons under its belt. My prediction is that Jim may transfer out of the office over the summer, and return in September (when season 3 premieres), only to find out that the wedding he dreaded, didn’t happen.

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