Quotes of the Week

It’s that time of the week again, I need your favourite quotes from the week that was in TV! I have a few great ones from my newest favourite sitcom (behind SCRUBS) HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER, but I need some more. Having missed last night’s OC (rest assured, it’s safely tucked away in my PVR), I’m sure Taylor/Summer/Seth had something funny, or pop-culture-rrific to say!

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  • Jenny



    The Todd: “Nurse, I need you to help me to drain some fluid, but first, we’re gonna have to get to work on this patient.”

    Turk: “Todd, take the scalpal and carve this into your arm: No nurse will ever touch your dangle.”


    Veronica Mars:

    Keith: “I’m thinking about getting you some sort of giant hamster ball so you can roll everywhere in this protective sphere.”

    Veronica: “It would just draw attention to me. Nobody likes a blonde in a hamster ball.”


    Veronica: “The password. Give it.”


    Keith: “You’ll remember it. It’s Mr. Good Wood.”

    Veronica: “I’m so not touching his keyboard.”


    Beaver: “So let’s say you and your buddy, you wanna buy a 12 pack for Saturday night. Say like uh, like spark plugs for X dollars. And you wanna find out how many of another item, like umm, I dunno, like oil right, like oil, that you can get for the same amount except oil is y times as much as…”

    Weevil: “If this is your idea of terms I’ll understand, I’m going to kill you. Or myself. It’s a toss-up. Screw it man. I’ll just cheat.”

  • Jenny

    Awww, no other quotes? 🙁