Angry with TVGuide’s Angel Cohn

I just finished listening to this week’s TVGuide Podcast (May 5, 2006). Usually, I LOVE the podcast. Aside from my own podcast, it’s the best TV related podcast on the net! Host and Moderator Dan Manu is so frackin’ funny, and egomaniac/scoop God Michael Ausiello always has some great dish. Angel watches most of my favourite shows, and Maitland knows her movies (she even enjoyed my brothers movie TAKE THE LEAD!).

That said, I have a bone to pick with Podcast Princess Angel Cohn. On this week’s podcast, she clearly stated that if she had to choose between one show making it to the CW, she’d pick VERONICA MARS over EVERWOOD. Needless to say, Angel choosing Veronica over Everwood completely ruined my morning walk of my dog (MAC). To publicly put her support behind VM was not cool. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Veronica Mars, but EVERWOOD is the one drama that I’d save above all. Veronica, has been way to confusing this season. The PCHers, the bus crash, the fitzpatricks, way too much mystery, not enough heart. EVERWOOD has been incredible this season, and deserves to to move to the CW. Angel, support the underdog, Veronica is essentially a lock for another season (CW Prez Dawn Ostroff Loves It). Let’s hear some public support for EVERWOOD – TV’s most underrated, yet best written show (Is there any cuter relationship on TV then Bright and Hannah? Amy & Ephram = fate, Andy Brown finally happy with Nina! The Abotts, Edna & Erv….. I could go on…).

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  • Common Sense

    Completely agree, TV Addict. EVERWOOD is the one drama is cannot live without. Take every single other show, if need be, and chuck them. As TV execs, let’s “hope and pray” that the new Powers That Be realize the greatness that IS Everwood. The characters, the writing, the storylines, and ohhhh, the acting! It’s unmatched.

    As for Veronica, I’ll really be shocked if it gets a pick-up, because the numbers are ridiculously low. Even Pepper Dennis tops it, and it’s certainly not returning. If viewers haven’t caught onto VM by now, let’s be realistic…they’re not coming. I was a huge never-miss fan of Buffy—a show VM is often compared with—and yet, I’ve only seen a portion of a couple VM episodes. I’m sure, from the critical acclaim, it’s an outstanding show. But there’s just too much competition for a show that requires loyal watching; I’ve realized that TV viewers are morons, for the most part.

    People would rather go mind-numb, and watch karaoke Idol and contestants OPENING SUITCASES, for pete’s sake, than actually “think” and enjoy great dramas and comedies like Arrested Development. We’re all much stupider for the networks’ constantly catering to the lowest mentality viewer.


  • Common Sense, take a bow, change your post name to GENIUS!

    While I completely agree about EVERWOOD, I will disagree and say VERONICA MARS will get one more season, paired up with Gilmore Girls.. if it doesn’t perform it will not get a fourth season. But Dawn Ostroff (the prez of UPN/and the CW) loves the show, she is so behind it!

    Everwood Forever… on the CW!

  • Tim G.

    I’d have to agree with Angel on this one. I have no interest in Everwood. I’ve never seen an episode of it and I love me some Veronica Mars.

    [shrug] I don’t mean to upset people, and I doubt Angel did either.

  • As someone who LOVES Everwood, and wouldn’t miss it for the world, I’m going to go with Angel on this one. If I was forced to choose one and only one, I’m going to go with Veronica Mars. Everwood is a great drama, one of the best, but I feel like if I had to, I could get my drama fix elsewhere (alhtough I would hate it). That being said The CW shoudl give Everwood one last season to wrap things up OR perhaps finally get the ratings it deserves. I’m with you on VM. If it doesn’t perform better this year, it’s going to be gone.

  • Tim G… go to TARGET one day, I think season 1 of Everwood is on sale for 20 dollars (or around that). It’s worth every penny, and you will LOVE it!

  • Chelsea

    I too would also have to agree with Angel. I love Everwood and Veronica Mars, but Everwood has been on longer than Veronica. If Everwood didn’t go the CW I could live with it because it has 2 different endings (one if they get picked up and one if they don’t). Veronica Mars is definitely going to have a cliffhanger and I couldn’t live not knowing what happened. But in the Watch with Kristin poll I voted for Everwood because Veronica Mars is “safer” than Everwood. Hopefully they both get picked up next year.

  • CJ

    I also have to agree with Angel on this one. I love Everwood, love it all to pieces, and I really hope it makes it on the CW fall schedule . . . but if I had to choose between Everwood and VM, I would choose VM without a doubt. Everwood has had several solid seasons and has mostly run its course, while VM has barely begun to show what it can do.

    Plus, it’s not really fair to compare the ratings of VM on UPN to shows on the WB (as another commenter above did). The WB has more coverage and fewer pre-emptions, and the type of audience that would be attracted to the intelligent and complex writing of VM is not the type of audience that would normally watch UPN. (And VM has mostly been beating Pepper Dennis in the relevant demos anyway.)