ALIAS The Movie!

If you ever wondered what ALIAS would look like on the big screen, just drive on over to your local multiplex and plop down 10 bucks to see Mission Impossible III ($10.95 Canadian). Directed by ALIAS mastermind JJ Abrams, MI3 is essentially an extravagant two hour ‘very special episode’ of Alias (budgeted at 150 million dollars). From the opening credits, Abrams employs most of his standard Alias gimmicks, including the tied to the chair torture victim, the flashback to 24 hours earlier, and the obligatory (and welcome) appearance of JJ Abrams best friend Greg Grunberg…. the show plays out exactly like an episode of Alias. From start to finish, the movie is an “action-packed thrill ride” (paramount, you can quote me on that!) And even though Tom Cruise seems like he’s lost a few marbles from all his publicity stunts (Tomkat anyone?), he still has a great on-screen presence and is great fun to watch.

Yes, I realize you’re probbably thinking, um this is the TVaddict.. what’s the deal with the movie review? It’s not something that is going to be a regular feature, I just felt so compelled to talk about it because of JJ Abrams involvement (he truly is awesome!) I’d also be remisce if I didn’t mention KERI RUSSELL. Felicity kicked some serious butt. It was great to see Keri grab a sem-automatic and blow of a few evil-d0er’s heads off. My one regret was the absence of Abrams favourite Marshall (Kevin Weisman). For those of you who have seen the movie, you know what I”m talking about. The tech guy at IMF is 100% the british version of Marshall!

Next up, I can’t wait to see what golden touch JJ brings to another floundering, favourite franchise of mine, Star Trek.

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