Monday TV Musings

This Sunday, NBC plans to air the first episode of THE WEST WING, before they air the series finale. Let me say how dissappointing this is to a long time WW fan. I own the DVDs, I don’t need to see the pilot episode. I would have much preferred a retrospective hour featuring cast interviews, favourite moments and clips. Way to drop the ball NBC.

To balance the above negative, here’s some positive NBC news. They officially picked up Aaron Sorkin’s latest show, STUDIO 60 ON THE SUNSET STRIP. Sorkin truly is one of TV’s most gifted writers, and with an all-star cast lead by Matthew Perry and Bradley Whitford, the show cannot be bad!

If you’re going through Aaron Sorkin withdrawl, check out the pilot of his ABC masterpiece SPORTS NIGHT. The show features a pre-Desperate Felicity Huffman and a pre-Six Feet Under Peter Krause. It was one of those incredible shows that deserved a far bigger audience. Check it out below:

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  • I just watched the penultimate episode on Sunday, and I have to say that I was disappointed with it. While I like CJ as much as the next long-time viewer, I thought it was pretty much a waste to have an entire episode focus on her — especially in light of the fact that there are so many other storylines still up in the air. I’m still holding out hope for a tremendous finale, though.

  • Penultimate… I was completely going to use that word this week! I just wasn’t sure of the spelling. While it was a little dissappointing to have the episode on CJ – I thought there were enough characters involved that I wasn’t annoyed. It’s not like CJ left the WEST WING to visit her DAD (easily WW’s worst episode ever!) I hate when John Wells TV shows do that (Dr. Greene visiting his family – BORING!)

  • Chris

    Sports Night was a great show and I just loved it. Too bad they’ve added a laugh track for syndication though – really takes a way from the drama.