A Death in Everwood?

justin baldoni reid everwoodOn last night’s EVERWOOD, How wrong is it that I was actually happy to see Reid [almost] die? It’s not that I have anything against Reid, it’s just that if Reid were to die, we wouldn’t have to lose another beloved denizen of Everwood (predictions from the start of the season are running rampant that a main character will bite the dust before the season is over).

In truth though, I can’t believe the writers introduced an essentially useless character, just to give him one episode all season long. Reid never really blended in with our core group, and had he died, it sadly wouldn’t have bothered me that much (yes, I get the parallel between the fact that as viewers, we too ignored Reid). In fact, with only a handful of episodes remaining, I generally was annoyed that Reid got so much screen time.

Reid’s attempted suicide did provide for some really touching moments between Ephram and Andy (his father) and more importantly Ephram and Amy. You can already tell that those two are heading back towards getting together (again!) and lets hope it’s forever (yes, I’m a shamless Amy/Ephram shipper).

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  • If Reid falls in the bathroom and noone’s there does he still make a sound? Apparently not, noone cared if he lived or died. Take off that shirt already.