Season Finale Madness!

veronica mars gradNot sure why I’m in such a good mood today. Sure two of my favourite shows are airing their season finales, but that just means that after tonight there will be no new episodes of VERONICA MARS and GILMORE GIRLS for four months!

Tonight on VERONICA MARS, we finally find out who is responsible for the bus crash. My prediction: It’s not Woody. While he obviously is evil, he is way too obvious a choice. No doubt Rob Thomas has something more surprising up his sleeve. Kristin over at eonline has this to say about the finale (it sounds fantastic):

I watched it over the weekend, and holy crap, you guys, it’s insane! You’re gonna die! It’s so insane that there is nothing I could say here that would overhype it. Just to give you a barometer, I watched last week’s Lost once. I watched Veronica Mars three times. (I haven’t done that since the Felicity finale, and let’s face it, only because I was in it.) I promise: You will not be disappointed. The episode starts off with a low roar, but the final 20 minutes are edge-of-your-seat insanity! And there are a couple of scenes that are going to break your heart and feed it to you with a spoon.

If you’re as psyched as I am for tonight’s finale, get some more VM scoop at the following links. TVguide has a great Q&A with creator Rob Thomas, click here to read it. Duckyxdale’s TV blog has an interview with Tessa Thompson who plays Jackie on VM, click here to read it.

Finally, GILMORE GIRLS ends it’s sixth, and very uneven season, with a final installment written by series creator Amy Sherman-Palladino. In tonight’s episode, Rory must deal with Logan spending the summer in England. More importantly, the episode finally has Lorelai confronting Luke about their relationship. Let’s hope Amy Sherman-Palladino’s final episode is one to remember!

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  • My guess on the bus crash is that Beaver is responsible. I think he was in cahoots with Marcos and Peter to kill Woody. I don’t think the bus was the target.

    Either Peter chickened out at the last minute and threw the bomb in the trash or the trash was the intended dump site.

    But I don’t even know if Beaver is aware that he had any hand in causing the bus to crash.

    As for who killed Curly and wrote Veronica’s name on his hand – I think Lucky killed Curly (Lucky may have been in on the plot with the other boys) and Weevil may have witnessed it. I think Weevil may have written Veronica’s name on Curly’s hand to get her to investigate the crash. He didn’t want to come forward because of his beatdown on Curly earlier. But putting Veronica in the middle of it would ensure that it would be looked into.

    That is my theory.

  • I definitely think Beav had a hand in the bus crash – but wasn’t the leader. He was made a regular this season for a reason, his part hasn’t been large enough to justify being a regular, if not for his involvement with woody and the bus crash. So excited for tonight 🙂