Disappointed with THE WEST WING

According to Variety, the reason we’re not getting the retrospective episode filled with cast interviews that we deserve, prior to THE WEST WING’s series finale is because the cast members didn’t think they were being compensated enough to appear in the special.

Yet again Hollywood actors prove that the only thing that matters to them is money. This truly is a slap in the face to us loyal viewers who have endlessly and passionately supported the show for the past 7 years. I for one was really looking forward to a great retrospective, featuring cast and creative team interviews. I already own season one of the series on DVD, I don’t need to see the pilot episode again. Actors should take a moment and realize that something as special as THE WEST WING is a rarity. They may never work on such a high quality show again. They should take every opportunity to appreciate it, before jumping ship and moving on (Yes, I’m talking to you too Amy Sherman-Palladino)

UPDATE: Thanks to freelancer-1 over on the eonline.com boards for pointing out that the main cast members of WW, will be on ELLEN this Thursday:

Ellen has the exclusive farewell interview with the entire cast of “THE WEST WING,” including MARTIN SHEEN, ALLISON JANNEY, BRADLEY WHITFORD, RICHARD SCHIFF, JIMMY SMITS, JANEL MOLONEY, KRISTIN CHENOWEHT and DULE HILL. Ellen and the cast celebrate with a special season finale send-off party! The cast shares special moments and highlights from the past nine seasons.

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