Gilmore Girls: Worst Finale Ever

WOW, Amy Sherman-Palladino must really hate the WB. She planned her final send-off brilliantly. First, let’s annoy the network by overstocking Stars Hollow with Troubadours – a gimmick that while somewhat funny, definitely was overkilled in the episode. Secondly, let’s send off Rory’s boyfriend to England for the year! And finally, let’s put a major dent in the Luke & Lorelai relationship by having them have a massive fight in the middle of town, ending off with Lorelai once again sabatoging her love life by running back to Chris. Amy Sherman-Palladino definitely painted the show into a corner for next year. It will be really interesting to see how new showrunner David Rosenthal gets everyone out of this one.

I think it was a really bad sign that the happiest moment of the show was the opening scene with Sookie and Jackson – two characters that while I enjoy, can at times bring the show down. While I’m not at all ready to jump ship, it’s going to be fascinating to see if GILMORE GIRLS can actually be good again. The brilliance of the show was that Stars Hollow once was a magical place full of laughter, romance and town festivals. This season, all of that was missing. Let’s hope it comes back on THE CW.

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  • Cristy

    Hey. I’m just wondering, what’s your favorite season of GG?

  • leandra

    even though in the series finale luke and laurelai got back together i think there should be more episodes of gilmore girls to make everyone happy and an actual wedding episode for luke and lorelai i think rory and jessy should get back together too and married someday