IM TV TALK: Topic 1 – Veronica Mars

We’re trying a little something new today. Myself (theTVaddict) and Jenny (author of our What to Watch section) discuss the finer points of last night’s VERONICA MARS. Click here to check it out.

It’s a new feature, so please let us know if you like it, Post feedback below.

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  • I curse my work and their corporate whore mentality. How dare they block IM! I’m sad to hear you weren’t blown away (no pun intended) by the finale. Maybe it was just more hyper real because i was watching it with a fellow blogger and we could play off each others reactions. Fun to read!

  • Tim G.

    Lamb was NOT on the plane. Lamb never went to Reno, he just didn’t want Keith to get off the plane with Woody and hog the glory. Lamb was waiting at the airport for Woody’s plane to arrive.

  • Dana

    I like this new feature. I loved the episode! but i agree with you on a lot of points. Especially that is was overhyped. The scene on the roof was fantastic though. Kritstin Bell can ACT. I loved Duncan’s scene. I miss him. I did not want it to be Beaver. I thought maybe he could have something to do with it but I liked him a lot of the season. And it had nothing to do with the Fitzpaticks or Kendal. Also I hated that Weveil is still in Jail. Is he not going to be backnext season?

  • Jenny

    He’ll be back according to Rob Thomas. 🙂 A few questions down, he answers a buttload of VM questions. Possible spoilers. 😉