vaughn aliasTV at it’s best… for 88 minutes last night (no commercials of couse thanks to the greatest invention evern, my PVR), I had the pleasure of watching both ALIAS and LOST at it’s best. Let me start with ALIAS, a few observations:

Evil Sloane is so much more fun then ‘pretending to be nice’ Sloane.

When Vaughn was kicking Sydspinoza (or Espisydny, whatever you prefer) do you think it was a bit therapeutic for him? (This is for breaking up with me and getting married and having a kid with Ben Affleck!)

Speaking of Vaughn, is it really possible to have a chip the size of a loonie (Canadian dollar for those of you in the know) implanted in you for thirty years and not realize it?

Sark is back, ensuring that Alias is definitely going to end it’s run on a high note.

After five years of speculation, the “Rambaldi endgame’ better be something really really cool!

libby lostOn the LOST front, let me be (surely note) the first to say how much I loved last night’s episode. Why you ask? Well things actually happened, plot moved forward and Mr. Eko carried around a big axe. Some thoughts:

The combination of Eko and Locke is definitely intriguing. A man of faith and one who seems to have ‘lost’ it. Can’t wait to see this relationship continue.

It was surprising to me how much the new hatch reminded me of my living room. As a TVaddict, I like to have nine 70’s style TV’s and a giant couch to watch in maximum comfort πŸ™‚

I loved that the father of the miracle child was the psychic who Claire met in season one. I’m just proud of myself that I actually made the connection without reading it online after and feeling like a moron for not ‘getting the show.’

Libby actually died. I have to admit to being surprised. We hardly knew her. Rest assured, showrunners Cuse and Lindeloff have assured us we haven’t seen the last of Libby. You can check out their great interview with TVGuide’s Michael Ausiello by clicking here.

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  • “Well things actually happened, plot moved forward”

    How so?

    Yippee they find another hatch revealing the answer to the numbers. Woo hoo, who couldn’t have guessed that it was just a test and meant nothing.

    Another awful episode of the worlds worst show.

  • if you hate the show why are you still watching it πŸ™‚

  • “if you hate the show why are you still watching it ”

    just to see how bad it is really. I loved the first season and the start of season 2. But 90% of this season has been a let down.

  • Common Sense

    C.S., weighing in on the debate…

    I wish I had the TIME to watch things “just to see how bad it is really.” Sheesh. Why not try that approach with American Karaoke…you’ll be utterly AMAZED at the stupidity of both Judge #2 and USA voters as a whole.

    LOST has been the most intriguing, genre ground-breaker since its premiere, and even the slower episodes are better than most TV. Last night’s central hatch unlocked so many more questions and mysteries. I can hardly wait for each Wednesday’s new episode.

    And why viewers aren’t tuning in–in droves–to both Alias and Invasion, as well, is beyond me. Oh yeah…the I-DULL infomercial was on. Is there something in the water we drink, or are most viewers just insipid tools?

  • “I wish I had the TIME to watch things β€œjust to see how bad it is really.” Sheesh.”

    Well, I watch it because I enjoyed the show up until a few episodes into season 2. I still want to see where they will end up down the line. I think the writers have some good ideas but lack the ability to answer anything. Instead, they opt for as you say “so many more questions and mysteries.” Every episode there are more questions with no answers. That is what gets frustrating. With that said, this weeks episode was much much much better than last weeks. But the writers themselves lack common sense. How much longer can they keep fans attracted to this show without providing answers and just posing more questions?

  • I agree that LOST can be frustrating.. but I do think last night’s episode started to provide some answers, or at least started to reveal new things. Showrunners Cuse and Lindeloff have promised that by season’s end we’ll know why (or how?) the plane crashed. I think that’s pretty big.

    ‘Common Sense’…. love the ‘I-Dull informercial’ couldn’t be a better statement!