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Tonight is supersized 40 minute finale of THE OFFICE! Check out a great interview with Jim (John Krasinski) over at

The Cast of THE WEST WING are on ELLEN today (check your local listings). It will be the only time we see the cast talk to the fans about the finale, as they deemed their pay not enough to do a proper retrospective on NBC before Sunday’s finale.

In more WEST WING news, there is a great article in the LA TIMES about Josh & Donna’s relationship. Check it out by clicking here.

Some great WILL & GRACE Scoop about the upcoming finale. According to actor Leslie Jordan, who plays recurring character Beverly Lesley on WILL & GRACE, the finale was shot over three days, with three different audiences. Basically, no one in the audience got the benefit of the full story. Apparently, the story skips around from the present to the future. We get to see what happens to the characters after the finale. While no doubt most fans and critics think it’s time for the show to go, it still makes me laugh, which is never a bad thing.

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