7th Heaven Returning (seriously!)

According to MediaWeek.com 7th Heaven will be returning for an 11th season on the CW. Apparently the new network wasn’t too pleased with their upcoming crop of Drama pilots, subsequently thay have decided to bring back the WB’s most watched drama. This is a bad sign, as the return of 7th Heaven means one less spot for an actualy ‘good’ tv show. If either Veronica Mars of Everwood gets bumped off the net in place of the cheesiest sappiest soapiest family drama ever, I think I’ll have to kill myself.

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  • Amrie

    I think I’m going to cry. I feel like a little part of me died just hearing the words “7th Heaven will be returning”….

  • Noooo….why…………

  • someone really should start a ‘keep 7th heaven dead’ campaign! 🙂

  • In the name of all that is holy and good in tvdom, what the ????

    Seriously, if VM or Everwood gets cut to make room for 7th Heaven we need to organize a freaking riot!

  • Another TV Addict

    Dear God, let it die all ready. What is with TV networks not letting their shows die when they’ve had “AX” written on ’em for years? If 7th Heaven takes the place of a more deserving show (like Supernatural or Veronica Mars), the network will be having to quell a riot outside their doors.

  • Diana

    Yes!! I love this show! Even if it may be cheessy, at least it something I can watch with my younger siblings. Everything else on tv is so senseless- this whole world is going to hell. 7th Heaven reminds me everday why I Love being a Christian!

  • Ashley

    I completley think that 7th heaven should be returning this world needs a show like 7th heaven to actually remind us of life and instead of watching people kill each other and all of these crappy shows that they seem to be coming out with this is actually one that I love to watch that is a great show!!!!!

  • aly

    im sorry yall think it shouldnt return but ha i think it should :)and glad it is i cant wait to watch the next season

  • Judy

    I am also very happy that it is returning. It is a true Christian show, that deals with what my children and others go through every day. And that it is “cool” and exceptable to go to your parents with problems. It is great to praise GOD on TV. If you can praise sex, drugs, gambling and disrespect on TV, then it is awesome that we also teach good things.

  • I don’t have a problem with TV shows espousing values and good child/parent relations. I agree with Judy, that there is a lot of junk on TV that kids should definitely not be watching. My issue with 7th Heaven is that it is a horribly written and atrociously acted show – not its positive message.

  • susan

    i am so excited about 7th heaven coming back it’s an awesome show .it is hell of alot better than everwood that show is boring & stupid it’s like a stupid soap opera.

  • Brittney

    Im sooooo glad that 7th heaven is returning,yeah. I cant wait.

  • Lola

    I am sooo happy that 7th Heaven is returning! It is an awesome show! I’m especially glad because what was supposed to be the very last episode left us with the biggest cliffhanger ever! Now well get a chance to see what happens with Sandy, her baby, and Simon! OOOHHHH, I’m so happy!!!

  • Melinda

    Thank god 7th heaven in returning.. when I saw the lineup without it, I almost killed myself. So what its sappy but its alot my entertaining then Everwood and Veronica Mars, I watched them for 10 minutes and I was like tv is really gone to hell!!

  • chris mankey

    Everwood and Veronica Mars, I watched them for 10 minutes and I was like tv is really gone to hell!!

    What a moron! I think you might be really frightened if you move out of the brady household so, stay there