Random Friday TV Tidbits

DEADWOOD May Be Dead! Looks like HBO has pulled the plug on Deadwood and this upcoming season will be its last. According to a source, the actors have been freed up to look for other projects – which is never a good sign!

SEINFELD SURPRISE: On an NYC radio station, Julia Louis-Dreyfus accidently spoiled the surprise. Julia will be hosting SNL this Saturday night and said that she recently filmed a digital short on the ‘Seinfeld Curse’ with a former co-star. Julia quickly finished by saying, “I probably shouldn’t have said that! It’s suppose to be a surprise.!”

THE VIEW: Rumour du jour is that Gayle King will take over from Star Jones when she exits THE VIEW this summer. Apparently, Gayle is thrilled with the prospect of joining The View, but doesn’t want to seem like she is bucking for the job – as she is friends with Star. Additionally, Star may eat her if she gets mad 🙂

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