Super-Sized OFFICE Finale was Super!

Why can’t THE OFFICE be super-sized every week! Written by series star, and newly crowned God of TV/Movies STEVE CARELL, last night’s finale perfectly balanced OFFICE humor with the romance everyone was dying to see come to fruition.

Firstly, let’s hit upon what made me laugh so much. Creed’s kleptomaniac tendencies were great. Kevin’s secret alter-ego as a ‘wedding singer’, seriously who’d have thought? And of course the Michael/Toby showdown. I’m loving how Michael and Toby have become Office mortal enemies.

Pam and Jim, do I really need to say anything except WOW! It was so great to see Jim confess his feelings to Pam (finally!). They can now be officially crowned the NEW ROSS & RACHEL! By the way, on a totally unrelated note, check out my new tshirt design that says exactly that!

Pam Jim Office t-shirt

My one tiny little concern, is that I hope the writers haven’t ‘jumped the shark’ with giving us the kiss we’ve been dying to see. Personally, I think the writers are completely wary of the ‘moonlighting/lois&clark’ curse, and while Jim & Pam have indeed kissed – it’s not going to be an easy path down to happiness. Either way, I’m already counting down to Fall06 to find out what will happen.

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  • OMG!!! I can’t…I can’t…Seriously it was perfect. I have the video on my site if you want to check it ou ( I don’t think they jumped the shark. TO be honest, I really believe that next season is the last. With Steve’s movie career, and the fact that it’s supposed to be a documentary, I think we have one final season.

  • GMMR,
    I’ve always respected your opinion and your blog, but if you think next season is the last for the OFFICE you are crazy!!!! (and not Oliver Crazy on the OC). THE OFFICE is one of few critical hits NBC has, there is no way they’re downsizing the show. If Steve wants to move on, they’ll just replace him. NBC will milk the OFFICE for all it can 🙂

  • blissfullyblack

    once again, we see eye to eye on a finale. first veronica mars and now the office. i loved it. they did the expected thing as the cliffhanger but still managed to make it surprising. totally had me thinking he was going to tell her he was transferring.

    did i miss something or was there no mention of pam being mad at jim about complaining about her wedding planning. i thought last week they ended it with them being kinda weird (i mighta missed the resolution last week though.)

  • Common Sense

    “A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !”

    I wanted to scream in pure joy throughout the ep, especially the confession and kiss…but no one else was home to hear it! With AD gone, there NO BETTER COMEDY ON TV. I ask again, is there ANY other sitcom that you go to work and recite/recall line after line of dialogue with your friends??

    The fact that NONE of these castmembers was “known” by viewers prior to The Office makes its success even more startling and phenomenal. Isn’t it amazing how we know (and delight in) each one of the employees’ quirks…giddy Phillis & her refrigerator BF, the drunk, Crede the unapologetic thief, Stanley & his great remarks, blondie the religious nut, kookie Kelly and Ryan (!!)….and that doesn’t even start to touch on the “main” characters.

    I LOVE THIS SHOW. NBC finally has a worthy successor to Seinfeld as the watercooler-buzz show.

  • Amrie

    I totally let out a little cry of glee! 🙂 Loved the kiss at the end. John Krasinski is my new hero haha…Steve Carrell has to be one of the smartest comedians out there. His humor is spot on, his writing is really great. Such an awesome show. I didn’t want to give it any credit when this show first launched, because I was such a huge The Office UK fan, but this show is really good, and has definitely created its own identity amongst the sea of UK crossover shows (I don’t think anyone wants to be reminded of the American Coupling from a few years ago…)

  • This is the best comedy on TV, hands down. Welcome to my addiction. 🙂

  • MelOj

    Ditto! Tanster