THE WEST WING Series Finale

west wing cast

The day I’ve dreaded has finally arrived. Tonight, after seven (mostly) brilliant seasons, THE WEST WING signs off (NBC, 8pm). Since its inagural episode (which coincidentally will air prior to the finale, at 7pm) THE WEST WING has shown us the best of American Politics. It was a fairytale almost, with idealized versions of the men and women who worked in the White House. Each week, creator Aaron Sorkin created edge of your seat drama out of mundane political happenings such as filibusters and senate reform. For me at least, Sorkin made politics come alive. While some may think it is ridiculous for me to actually take more of an interest in the ‘real world’ through a fictional look at the White House, I like to think it was a rare case of television actually ‘edutaining’ (learning and being educated at the same time!).

That said, after tonight, the world of TV will have lost one of the most talented ensembles of all time. I for one can only hope that one day, the powers that be, decide it’s time once again to dip back into the well, and bring us WEST WING: THE NEXT GENERATION (Say in time for Santos’ re-election campaign in 2010?)

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