ABC Upfronts: Questions?

Dear Readers, I’ve just been given the incredible opportunity to listen into the live UpFront ABC presentation tomorrow morning at 8am. I MAY get to ask a question at the press conference, of course this is highly unlikely. I can’t imagine the President of ABC choosing over say the little paper called the NYTimes! But feel free to post any questions you’d like me to consider in the comments below. If there unthinkable happens, and I get to ask something, I want to make sure I’ve thought of the best question ever!

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  • Tim G.

    Why no second season for Invasion?! The last half of this season has been INSANELY good! If the show ends on a cliffhanger we never get a resolution to, I’ll be VERY upset with ABC.

  • ||—TheTVAddictAddict—||

    ask them when LOST is going to be cancelled.


  • tubetalkgirl

    I’m going with the concensus…why cancel “Invasion” instead of trying it on another night?

    Tube Talk Girl