Veronica Mars Renewed?

According to the AUSIELLO REPORT, the word on the street is that the CW will renew VERONICA MARS for 13 episodes next season. Of course we’ll have to wait until Thursday for the official announcement. Let’s hope EVERWOOD is getting 13 as well!

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  • Jenny

    Only 13??? 🙁

  • Rob Wilber

    Yes, I also heard Veronica Mars was being picked up from my friend who works in TV. Very happy. Also, One Tree Hill and not Everwood. Saw Kidnapped. It sucked. And it was sad, it should have been good. I wanted to like it. Also, I got to see the Palm Springs pilot. It rocked. Unlike other teen stuff. Really special. Reminded me of American Beauty. Very smart. Saw Sixth Degrees. Just so-so. Surprised at that pick-up. It has potential though, I liked some of the characters and their storylines but not others. And, finally, saw Studio 60. Yes, it is good. Will it live up to the hype? No way, but it’s well written. The bigger question is — Will it find an audience? The pilot didn’t have that addictive must-see quality. Would have been better suited for cable.

  • Jenny

    I’m so jealous! How’d you see them?? 🙁 lol

  • Tim

    Ausiello is reporting he heard from 2 sources that Everwood is done. How sad. 7th Heaven comes back AGAIN yet Everwood, whose ratings are pretty solid doesn’t get another chance.

  • Tim G.

    You’ve officially been pimped.

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  • thanks Tim, I’ll be listening to it today!

  • Jenn

    According to Ausiello, Rob Thomas confirmed that Veronica has been picked up for 22 eps, with the possibility of the order being reduced to 13 if the ratings slip.