Amy Sherman-Palladino, Take Note

When GREY’S ANATOMY creator Shonda Rhimes was asked if she was going to continue running her ABC hit, she said:

I can’t go anywhere. I spent too much time thinking about it, writing scripts and working on the show to ever, ever walk away from it. And I always really hate when shows have a creator who walks away because it can really change the show. This is my baby. It’s my first television show. I don’t wanna go anywhere.

Hmm, a showrunner actually respecting her fans and the show. Sticking with it. Showing loyalty. What a concept! Gilmore Girls creator Amy Sherman-Palladino, take note!

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  • too bad the Lost writers aren’t more like Palladino.

  • I should have added a 🙂

    yes, I give LOST a hard time. Just because it’s sooo easy…Still better than a lot of other stuff out there, especially the awwwwful 7th Heaven. Damn CW.

  • Jenny

    lol Well, Shonda has been at this only a couple of seasons. ASP was there for how long? (Not that I disagree, just saying…. lol)

  • No, it makes me love Shonda even more! I remember her saying that a while back and then she reiterated it to Ausiello yesterday. I love her and love the show for being able to keep her and not wanting to make that change.