Last night’s EVERWOOD was fantastic, and sadly, was a lot harder to watch, considering what I recently learned from TVGuides Michael Ausiello

I heard from two separate sources this afternoon that Everwood is, in fact, dead. I’m choosing not to believe it until I hear something official on Thursday, but I thought you should all be prepared for the worst

I can honestly say that I will be heartbroken if EVERWOOD is cancelled. I know I sound like a broken record, but EVERWOOD is truly the best written and acted drama on TV. It’s made all the more painful by the fact that 7th HEAVEN is returning. I just sit at my desk, wondering how the ‘Powers That Be’ don’t see what a phenomenal show EVERWOOD is. For four years it’s been completely under-appreciated, and essentially ignored by it’s own network. Let’s hope that the P.O.B. reconsider, as this won’t be a good sign of things to come from the newest network on the block (yes, I’m talking to you Dawn Ostroff).

Back to last night’s episode, how awesome is Delia. Delia has never been my favorite character, and often suffers from obnoxious younger daughter on TV syndrome, but she came into her own last night, choosing friendship over popularity (something I know all to well, yes I’m talking to you Thors!). Nina, it’s time to face facts, Jake and you are moving in different directions. You know who you’re destined to be with. And things aren’t looking too good for Bright (the most ironically named character on TV). I have to be honest, from the beginning of the season, I was convinced Rose was a goner. But after seeing last night’s preview for next week’s finale, I’m not so sure. If the unthinkable happens, I honestly will be floored. Sadly, I’ll have to wait until next Monday. Let’s hope it’s not the last time we see EVERWOOD.

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  • Common Sense

    Next week isn’t the finale. The last episode of the season was originally scheduled for Memorial Day, but they must’ve realized nobody really watches TV that day. (Expect all reruns) Now it’s a 2-hour finale on June 5th, with (as you’ve probably heard) two separate endings already taped, depending on what transpires at Thursday’s Upfronts.

    Everwood is the one family drama that is strict “appointment TV” for me—and countless others. The ratings are superior to Veronica Mars, the quality is eons ahead of 7th Heaven…how could the CW even THINK of leaving behind this show—which Entertainment Weekly has called “the best on TV.” Multigenerational shows like this are what a network should be built around (see aforementioned Camdens / WB). Here’s a great opportunity to do the right thing, Mr. Moonves. Please do.

  • Common Sense…. thanks for the info…. I knew about the two endings. I did not realize the show wasn’t over next week! Again, not having the show end in May Sweeps is yet another bad sign for the show. I’m afraid the worst seems pretty evident. But I’ll try and think positive.

  • Thought I should mention, I just read a quote from eonline.com:

    “As someone who loves Everwood with all my heart and thinks it’s the best family drama ever made, I’ll tell you the big death probably won’t tear you apart. You shouldn’t worry too much about it.”

    I’m thinking that Dr. Brown’s Dad dies… as killing Bright or Rose would tear me apart!

  • Tim

    That quote from eonline was weird to me, because Kristin had been playing this death up as a big deal, at least I thought she was.

  • Tim

    Ouch, if I wasn’t already worried about Everwood, I am now. It got a 1.6 overall rating last night without a fresh 7th Heaven as the lead in. Not good. That’s lower than most VM eps got.