Prison Break: The Escape!

PRISON BREAK is an interesting show. On the one hand, I was on the edge of my seat (okay, lying in my bed, but really paying attention) the entire episode. Yet on the other hand, I found myself really annoyed with the (entirely predictable) ending.

Let me explain. Last night’s finale was great. I was completely rooting for our Fox River gang to escape. I was shocked and disgusted with Abruzzi’s treatment of TBag’s hand. I was laughing as ‘crazy guy’ biked his way to freedom. Happy that Tweener escaped (no doubt we’ll be seeing him next year) And really surprised that the PB writers have apparently killed off Sarah.

Yet as the episode ended, and our gang found themselves left behind on the runway, I found myself a bit annoyed. So next year is essentially going to be PRISON BREAK: ON THE RUN? What is the point of watching the show next season? There is no real mystery or suspense. We’re essentially going to be watching PRISON BREAK: THE FUGITIVE. Look, don’t get me wrong, I’m a TVaddict, and will tune into the Fall Premiere. I’m just not sure I’ll be sticking around to see our inmates eventually ( and inevitably) caught and thrown back in Prison – so we can watch season 3 – PRISON BREAK (again!)

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  • According to TVGUIDE, season 2 of prison break will be filmed in Dallas. Producer Garry Brown says the Texas city was chosen for its wide variety of settings, which range from rural to urban and are all in close proximity to one another.

  • I liked last nights episode too, and feel the same about next season. Knowing the writers of this show, there will still be lots of suspense, including the hunt for the hidden money. Notice that they ran a preview for next season after last nights episode with no new footage…Hahah i laughed since it was all recycled from this season. I guess they don’t start filming for another few months.

  • Ian

    I read somewhere that they had the first three season of prison break mapped out, so I don’t foresee them going back to prison (unless they thought that was a brilliant idea when they created the show). I think it’ll be an interesting season though, b/c the VP is now president and while I found her character uninteresting all season, her assassination of the president was quite redeeming. I also think the new season will delve into lincoln and micheal’s dad. But I will agree the scenes from next season (which I remember them doing for oc) was kind of stupid…a simple next season “the escape” would have be sufficient.

  • Jan

    why the heck would they kill off Sarah. She just can’t be dead! Who will make our main character seem totally sexy.

  • So Dr. Sara Tancredi is going to die. Aw I like thought Lj would die. Cause of kellerman always trying to capture him an dat you know.

    First off, the whole thing with Lincoln’s dad, not being dead after all these years. Why would he go to lincolns exuerction…. why would he see he’s son die for something he didn’t do. It was he’s dad’s folt why he is in prison.

    Second, Why can’t abburzi get over fibanarci?
    Like so what if he is in protection custody. Abruzzi will find a way. Cause he does have outsiders. Well not any more, cause like philly an his friends got caught. So know abruzzi is using nick savern to get to Fibanacci. Dumb ass.

  • michael shoun’t have told tweener about the whole escape plan. cause know dare stuck dat bellick knows about da hole in the infermary.