CW Rumours: Schedule Not Final!

Everwood Fans: There still is a bit of hope. According to Kristin over a the CW is still making scheduling decisions, and the rumours of Everwood’s demise are premature. Let’s hope that this is good news for EVERWOOD fans and the CW has come to its senses. Also, word is that REBA hasn’t been cancelled, and will get 13 episodes to wrap up the series next season. Finally, the logo above is apparently the new CW logo. Personally, I’m not a fan… of course if Everwood is picked up, I’ll shamelessly promote anything the CW wants! The rumours will finally be put to rest tomorrow morning as the CW presents its schedule to advertisers.

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  • Jenny

    I have not been this nervous about tv in a long time! Gah!!!

  • Common Sense

    OMG. OMG. The CW Powers That Be can TOTALLY redeem themselves from an outpouring of anger and disappointment with at least half-season orders of these two shows. Everwood, after all, ranked as the 9th most-watched show, between all WB & UPN series. And arguably FIRST in quality. I would think the new network would be PROUD to carry such a series, and also boast about critics’ choice V. Mars, etc.

    It’s amazing how all of the premature leaks spill out, then the stories change. Could it be the network planting some seeds to see how it will play out in the media & among fans?

    Ahhh, who cares? Just give us more EVERWOOD….and don’t leave us hanging with a non-finale finale, like Invasion was forced to do tonight. How great is that show??! Wow. And LOST? Double-WOW, despite what the addict-addict thinks. Next week looks utterly amazing.

  • Tim G.


  • I am putting my Everwood Shiva on hold. The suspense is killing me, this is such an emotional rollercoaster. Everwood is just so good and there seems like there are many plot lines still to explore! Fingers crossed for Everwood’s survival.