CW Rumours

Rumours persist that EVERWOOD has indeed been cancelled, with the CW opting to pick up VERONICA MARS (yeah!). ONE TREE HILL (Chad Michael Murray doesn’t deserve to be a TV star), and SUPERNATURAL (don’t watch, but hear it’s good) for 22 episodes each, with an option to cut each one to 13. The CW’s officially announces its schedule tomorrow. Let’s hope the Powers that Be come to their senses and renews Everwood (again, the best drama on TV)

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  • Common Sense

    AMEN. If 7th Heaven is “worthy” of 13 episodes, why not pick up Everwood for 13…and have a continuous family hour, one with embarrassing writing and the other with award-winning writing and acting?

    I agree with others who’ve said these initial decisions, if true, do not speak well for the team running the new network. Reba was a beloved family show and deserved better treatment; and Everwood ranks in most critics’ Top 10 lists for quality TV. One Tree Hill? Puulleeaassee (ack!).

  • again, ‘Common Sense’ You’re a genius… why not pick up Everwood for 13 and do a continues season of Monday Night Quality Drama. I’m sure neither 7th heaven or Everwood repeat that well, and this would solve the problem

  • My head is still spinning over this “Everwood” dilemma! I’m hoping tomorrow it will have been reavealed that it was all a big nightmare and in fact The CW came to their senses. Til tomorrow.

  • agreed, i hope some how the CW knows how dumb they’re being and make a last minute change tomorrow!

  • Angry at CW

    Everwood v 7th Heaven?

    It’s outrageous that 7th Heaven will be on the Fall CW schedule while Everwood falls by the wayside, all because of the ratings of one episode, the series finale. (TV Guide – The Ausiello Report – More Shocking Fall News). Over the years I’ve occasionally watched 7th Heaven, just to become frustrated with the whining and over dramatic behavior of the Camden’s. I wonder how many people who watched the so-called last episode of 7th Heaven now feel betrayed by the cancellation of Everwood? I know I do!