Grey’s Anatomy Fans: Watch This!

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  • I know it’s cliche but…LOL! McDreamy-Burke-Cheif and Bailey shower scene! Priceless!

  • Jenny

    HAHA That was awesome!

  • Tim G.

    That was HIGH-LARIOUS

  • omg! that was so funny! frickin’ hilarious! i love Grey’s Anatomy… 🙂 thanks for that Daniel!

  • Amrie

    So does that mean that Callie is officially a member of the cast? I heard they didn’t have a contract for her for next season, but she was a big part of the promo….and Sara Ramirez was there to promote Grey’s….

  • I’m damn glad I didn’t watch that at work. I just burst out laughing. How much I do love the expression on the Chief’s face when he comes into view? A definite “why am I here, must try to be amused” expression. Awesome.