Jennifer over at TUBE TALK GIRL asked me to post a column of hers, in an effort to call attention to her favourite show, INVASION. Having recently had my heart ripped out by the rumours that EVERWOOD has been cancelled, I’m only too happy to help a fellow TV addict call attention to here plight.

Just in case you didn’t hear my reaction to ABC’s fall schedule news, let me repeat it: NOOOOOOOOO!!!!! (Followed by some choice words that I won’t repeat here.) Invasion, my favorite new drama of the year on any network, was…I can’t bear to say it…cancelled. Send antidepressants, Tubers, pronto.

As your Tube Talk Girl, I like to think I have my finger on the pulse of all that is right in television. But, apparently, I don’t. According to ABC executives, you like shows such as Wife Swap and According to Jim. Where did I go wrong, Tubers? Where? It’s a sad day when no-brainer shows are renewed year after year, but a unique, intelligent, mesmerizing drama like Invasion gets no love.

Wife Swap and According to Jim, are you kidding me? I swear I’m being Punked.

To all of you who watched Invasion due to my begging, i.e. harassment, “thank you.” And “I’m sorry.” (A special “sorry” to Aric and his Mrs., who came to love Invasion after I pimped the show to them.) If you’ll allow me a platitude: “I guess it’s better to have loved and lost…” Oh, forget it. This just stinks.

I’m on a mission to save Invasion. Those of you who want to help, can sign this online petition The word on the street ? (Yeah, I’ve got peeps on the street, but not the kind you’re thinking, you pervs) ? is that the CW or SciFi network may pick up Invasion. The CW network announces its schedule on Thursday, so here’s hoping. Meanwhile, I’ll be wearing black and rocking in the fetal position.

Can you hear me ABC? It’s been a long time since I’ve written an unflattering critique of an ABC show. (OK, so I never watched Commander in Chief , or I’m sure I would have cranked one out.) Still, I watched Freddie for you, and this is how you roll?

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  • Thank you TV Addict for helping me pimp my cause. You rule! I thank you. Tube Talk thanks you. The Invasion fans thank you.

  • Gilles

    I want it to return so bad…on top of that, did you read this from TV Guide…

    ” Invasion Star: Year 2 Would Have Been Even Better

    Upon hearing that Invasion was MIA from ABC’s fall schedule, caught up with William Fichtner — fittingly, just as he was leaving the office of series creator Shaun Cassidy. “In this business, it’s the nature of the beast,” Fichtner says of Invasion’s snuffing. “It is what it is. All you can do is look around and wonder, ‘Did you do everything you could have done?'” What the sci-fier didn’t do, apparently, was earn its keep. “I’m not saying anything that’s a mystery to anybody, but it was arguably one of the most expensive shows to make, and if [ABC is] going to spend that much money, I’m sure they want a show that matches it in their ratings.” Tonight’s season/series finale will now really leave fans wondering what might have been. Based on his talk with Cassidy, Fichtner says Season 2 “would have been even more exciting than where we went this year.” Oh? Details, please. “I think you’ve got to ask Shaun that one,” the actor says with a wink. “I can’t tip the bag on that.” “

  • BJ

    NOOOOOOOOOOO,I Love Invasion…I thought it was strange when They didn’t show any kind of previews for the Fall or even mentioned it…Now,I know why!…This makes me very sad..What happens to the kids at the house?

    What happens to Russel’s wife & their baby?

    This just makes me sad..I’ll sign that petition !

  • I saw the TV Guide article and it makes the ending even more bittersweet. Thanks for signing the petition, guys. We’re not going down without a fight! I’ll keep you updated at my site on any further happenings on the Invasion front.

    Tube Talk Girl

  • Tymbrimi

    This show was getting better and better. The season finale was excellent. It was wrong to cancel this show.

  • Tell me what to do to help save INVASION…..Please save this show

  • Cathy

    Thanks tvaddict for posting about Invasion.

    For Charley and all others that are interested in helping the cause go to for more info.
    You can join the campaign at


  • Miriam

    I agree with all of the above. Invasion kept me hooked deeper and deeper as the show advanced and I was in shock to learn that it was being cancelled. Sadly I was out of town during the airing of the last show and missed it! I’m pretty upset about that. Normally I tape them but this time around there was a malfunction and the taping did not occur! !#$!%!# Yeah, I was pretty upset. And then to learn it was cancelled while other buble gum shows get renewed? This is very sad indeed. I signed the petition. Tell all your friends to do it as well.

  • fighter

    I agree we are all getting punked. I’ve never even heard of any one that has even watched according to Jim or Wife Swap!

    Why can’t TV networks recognize when they have something good on their hands? So they think nobody is watching… Why can’t they help with some promo or by at least showing the show consecutively in order to get people to watch? Why? Why? Oh… WHY?

    come help us @

  • I have to agree – INVASION was getting better – kept you on the edge of your chair. I’ll never understand all the hoopla over shows such as SUPERNANNY, WIFE SWAP, LETS MAKE A DEAL or any of the “REALALITY” shows. No wonder the rest of the universe thinks we’re a bunch of whiners! UGH!!

  • Connie

    Bring back invasion, Iloved it.

  • Judy

    I am so saddened to know that my favorite show is cancelled!!! I can’t believe that this show was not renewed! I hate the reality shows, they are so silly and just not entertaining. I will sign any petition if it will help bring back Invasion. The show was so good, the storyline, the entire group worked so well together! I was so looking forward to season 2!!! I will be sad for a long time if this show is not picked up by a network!!!!!

  • Kelley Mace

    My husband and I rarely can find a show that we can agree on but Invasion sucked us in. I was very disapointed to learn of the shows cancelation but still have hopeless desires for the show to be put back on once again. At least to leave a little closer than what was offered. I find myself at this frustrating state again due to purchasing the series, watching it, and wanting an ending. It sucks….I wish that the Sci Fi channel or even another channel would purchase the rights and give me my ending!!!

  • Invasion Fan

    Invasion is a great show. Great storyline and cast. They should have never cancelled it. What were they thinking? We need season 2. This series is alot better than most shows that are still on. Please finish the show give Invasion an ending.

  • Dominic

    awww i wanna see Invasion soo bad…i mean the real ending at least…im so wondered what would happen to Larkin!!!! and her baby…and how did Russel react on what Sherrif Underlay did to Larkin when she was shot!.

    very sad…i guess we will never know…

  • Filipelandia

    I want invasion back >.<