Scrubs Finale

Last night’s double helping of SCRUBS was the perfect ending to a fantastic season. It was almost a ‘best of’ show, as the writers brought back some of my favourite bits from a truly inspired season. How great was it to see some ‘footage’ of JD’s often discussed screenplay ‘Dr. Acula’? (Let’s hope when season 5 is released on DVD, we get to see more footage!). It was also great to see yet another insanely moronic ‘floating head doctor’ montage (For some reason, I can’t stop laughing at a floating head!). Finally, how nice was it to see Gift Shop Girl making a return appearance, played by the lovely Sarah Lancaster (Madison on Everwood). Again, can I just say it’s criminal that One Tree Hill is returning over Everwood.

Here’s my one question about the episode. Was the second episode crafted as a series finale, in case SCRUBS wasn’t picked up for another season. Aside from the final minute, the episode ended pretty well, with all of our core characters happy. Could the last minute have been tacked on, when, and if SCRUBS was renewed on Monday. In case you missed it, I’m not going to ruin it for you, but you can download the episode from iTunes by clicking here. ($1.99 and worth every penny!)

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  • Amrie

    That’s a really good thought – aside from the last “wha?” moment, it ended with everyone happy. I can’t wait for the Season 6, whenever NBC decides it can return! 🙂

  • Som scenes of “Dr. Acula” are video streaming over at on the Scrubs page. And yes, they’re hilarious.

  • Today’s Ask Ausiello at talks about Scrubs getting another midseason pick-up, and in the bit, Ausiello mentions that creator Bill Lawrence knew about the midseason pick-up ahead of time unlike last year when NBC just sprung it on him. So, I’m guessing that the ending was planned all along? Maybe like you said they would have taken it off had the show been cancelled. Interesting observation either way. Here’s the link: