AQUAMAN seemed like a promising idea, that was yet another victim of the CW merger. Here is a unique opportunity to see the trailer for the AQUAMAN pilot. Personally, I think it looked really cool – but no doubt really expensive to produce. Check out the trailer by clicking here.

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  • Ash

    Eh. It started off looking kind of cool but then I think it just got cheese-tastic. Aquaman is just not that interesting to me as a character and I thought it was an odd choice in the first place. Fox from Passions seems like he still doesn’t know how to act and I think Ving Rhames forgot how to. I saw Lou Diamond in the preview and nothing with him involved can be terribly good. Not too sad that it didn’t get picked up because if it did then there might not have been enough room for Supernatural. How many hot guys can you have in such a time frame?

  • Ash, good analysis. I guess I’m a sucker for superheroe mythology. Sure Tarzan was awful. But who didn’t imagine when they were younger swimming with dolphins? In the long run though, I worry if they had enough story to spin out of the premise – and it seemed like a very expensive show. Anything underwater can’t be cheap!

  • Rob Wilber

    From everyone who saw it — I heard it was awful with lots of unintentional laughter. It was a bad idea. Period. It was a big joke on Entourage for an entire season. Aquaman was never a lead superhero. Merely a second banana. Little kids dream of being Superman — not Aquaman. It was just a bad idea. Unfortunately, a very, very expensive bad idea.

  • Midget Donkey

    Maybe they should make a new pilot with Donkeyman?! It sounds like that would be much more interesting.

  • Dalene L. Worthington

    I have been tired of my favorite programs always being taken off of this station,a nd I am at the point, when I have decided not to ever watch your station any more , when you cut the Reba Show. I have heard a lot of people complain about the Reba Show being canceled. What is the use of getting to like a show, when you decided not to have it run very long. It was really a good family show, and had a lot of laughs in it. You can take your staion and shove it. I guess that I will watch more of the other channels from now on, and watch Reba reuns on other stations. At least I can watch it 4 times a day that way. At least the other stations are a lot smarter than your station. They know a good show when they have one.