Everwood was on the CW schedule?


Okay, what’s going on here? An anonymous poster has led me to the image above. (Or click this link, but it may be taken down by the CW soon!) Clearly EVERWOOD was MEANT to be on the CW schedule – but was replaced by comedies and a REPEAT of AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL. What is going on here??? The opening sentence says it all, “Returning for its fifth season, this acclaimed drama…..”

All I can say is, EVERWOOD FANS UNITE! Let the CW know of our disappointment. The power of blogs, message boards and fansites can’t be ignored. If you have a blog, make sure you express your opinion. Post away on your favourite board. It isn’t too late. The CW will hear us.

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  • Sarah

    I totally agree with you, we must unite and try to save this totally unappreciated show! There is already a list of contact information for other networks that has been compiled, and if anyone else knows of Everwood forums please feel free to redirect them to this link: http://talk.thewb.com/viewtopic.php?topic=712271&forum=26&23

    One thing I’d like to know is when the contracts for the cast are up. I haven’t gotten any answers. That’s the key date that must be kept in our minds so we can have another network pick it up before the cast starts to work on other projects. If you could find out any info, I’d really appreciate it.

  • That is heartbreaking. I am going to blog it up like nobody’s business.

  • Common Sense

    Say goodbye to any good-will, Dawn, Les & co. How hilarious is it that they brought back the cheesefest Camdens after they (surprise) had a large audience for their decade/series finale. Hey, I hear MASH and SEINFELD had pretty big audiences, too, Dawn….maybe you oughtta call Col. Potter & Kramer! They’re available, ya know!

    Perhaps you were unaware that the grandmothers and juveniles who stomach 7th Heaven are not your target audience. Hmm? You see, intelligent, job-holding, money-spending viewers actually watch Everwood. The Camdens’ viewers are the same folks who get all squeally as Howie Mandel opens suitcases…and calls it edge-of-your-seat entertainment. Hey, here’s a new CW show idea: take 25 sack lunches, and with contestants eliminating them until someone winds up with the baloney—-you know, Dawn’s “reasoning” behind not renewing EW.

  • aquaman is on the website too

  • Amrie

    I’m telling everyone I know to do whatever they can to campaign for the safe return of our beloved Everwood!

  • Emily

    OMG…I can’t believe they aren’t keeping this “criticially acclaimed” show and are instead putting repeats in its time slot! To The CW….SAVE EVERWOOD PLEASE!!! Tvaddict….do you know who/where we can email to get our point across???

  • Tonya

    They just took it down. I was on there and saw it and literally 5 minutes later it was gone. This is so sad…I can’t believe they renewed 7th Heaven over Everwood…what a travesty.

  • HeavenWoodFan

    I don’t understand this that clearly says Everwood would be airing on Sundays, not Mondays in 7th heavens spot.

    Why most we have a repeat of Top Model that makes no sense that is a spot Everwood could have and looks like Everwood was going to have.

    When Michael suggested having Everwood as a back up if Runaway fails she seemed very unconcerned. Despite Everwood CW has not planned well at all, only one back up show.

  • Funny, I read an interview that stated 7th Heaven is what knocked Everwood out of the running. However, this page has Everwood slated for Sunday night.

  • Wil


    There’s a petition to bring Everwood back possibly for a mid-season replacement. Post it on as many message boards and blogs as you can. Hey, it worked for Buffy!


  • Rob

    Everwood was robbed. I understand the reasoning…the new show Runaway is a family type show and with 7th Heaven coming back, the network doesn’t need 3 family shows. Everwood is such a good show, I’m guessing after 89 episodes, it was much more expensive to produce than OTH. In addition to the great writing, it had great actors and production value. OTH has a few expensive players but probably cheaper overall. And 7th Heaven must be costing them a fortune at this point. It all comes down to money. And, I hear Aquaman cost the price of five pilots which explains why they shot so few pilots. I’m gonna miss Everwood. It was truly an excellent hour of drama week after week.

  • Wil

    It would probably be a good idea to not only e-mail a letter to Dawn Ostroff at dawn_ostroff@upn.com, but to also send her your letter stating how much you love Everwood. Keep them positive!

    Dawn Ostroff
    11800 Wilshire Blvd
    Los Angeles
    CA 90025 (USA)

    You can also sign a petition to get Everwood picked up for a mid-season replacement at http://www.petitiononline.com/mod_perl/signed.cgi?EVWDRNWL

    We don’t want people to lose interest in saving Everwood. Fight for your show! Post this info on as many message boards and blogs as you can.

  • David Harvey

    Dawn Ostroff, the woman who cancelled Everwood, needs to be FIRED, we should get the online petitions that she ignored when she cancelled Everwood, and petition for her removal from CW, and if you think Veronica Mars or any other series on CW are safe, think again, in giving renewals with options for reduced episode counts, she has lured in viewers while giving herself an out, No show renewed, not even VM, deserved another season more then Everwood, and Ms Ostroff has demonstrated that quality matters not to her or for her network, so lets get her out of position that she really does not deserve and lets do it while Everwood (hopefully), and the other shows still have a chance to succeed on the CW.

  • Jen

    What on earth is the CW thinking! Everwood is the best drama they have (well, it’s tied with Gilmore Girls). Are they seriouly going to bring back Seventh Heaven for ANOTHER season. YOu can’t do that. You had the seris final already. It’s time for that show to end. PPPPPLLLEEEAAAASSSSEEEEEE bring back Everwood. They can’t just up and take the show away from us. Looking at the CW’s line up for next year, I’m sad to say that after a dovoted WB fan for years, I’m going to have to find myself another network to watch. All of the other networks out there would be crazy NOT TO pick upEverwood. SAVE EVERWOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Wil


    I have extensive info on Saving Everwood at:


    There are somethings there that this board hasn’t mentioned yet! Please post this info on as many message boards, blogs, and websites as possible. Thanks, and keep spreading the word!

  • Kat

    Yeah, it’s gotta be a hoax, an ill-conceived ploy, a mixup because it’s truly incomprehensible!!
    *Everwood truly deserves the opportunity to have a remarkable, fair run. Why wouldn’t a network want an excellent show that is consistently attracting ratings well above The WB network average, has been incredibly well-received by the key demograhpic AND BEYOND including the MANY(if not ALL) TV critics(since premiering in 2002), is unmistakably the “best-acted, best written, finest family drama”, and has colossal potential? You got everything right there. Everwood has exactly what the network needs: nuanced, unobtrusive, meaningful performances accentuated with heart, humor, realism and interaction. And “Everwood” has been jerked around so much by The WB and it still comes out unscathed and is going strong. There’s absolutely no reason for Everwood to be cut after four seasons– NO REASON AT ALL! Mrs. Dawn Ostroff has shirked her duty to infuse the fledgling network with the best, most impressive television shows available by dumping this show. The impudent, rash decision derived out of utter avarice, to keep 7th Heaven along with excluding Everwood from the schedule is so easily culminating into unceasing, relentless rebuke that will not go unnoticed and will ultimately have her saying “Oopsie. Lemme fix the boo-boo” and let Everwood live and thrive on The CW.
    I will watch season 5.

    Join us and watch the incredible last four Season four episodes of “Everwood” Mondays @ 9/8c on The WB. The SEASON* finale will be June 5 when the last two will air back-to-back that night so remember to tune in at 8/7c.

  • Wil

    If E!Online’s “Save Our Show” campaign had a hand in saving One Tree Hill, then they may be able to Save Everwood! Please tell all Everwood lovers to visit the message boards at:


    You have to be a member to post on the site (which takes two seconds if you aren’t already one) and make sure you post on all of the EVERWOOD related threads to keep them on the main page. Even if you just post an Everwood quote on the threads or type “Bump” you’ll keep the topic alive. Thanks and Keep Everwood Forever More!!!

  • Susan

    7th Heaven has become so didactic that I can’t stomach it anymore, that is why my 19 year old daughter and I love Everwood so much!! They are a show that can teach you about a social problem without shoving it in your face. It is a much more intelligent show with vey interesting characters and storylines…..Please keep Everwood going on the CW!!!!

  • Karen

    O.K. . . . I was upset last night and cried with Edna when I heard next week was the season finale! But today, after reading, website after website, I am just plain angry.

    I love EVERWOOD, it is very much like “My So Called Life”, another great show that was untimely cancelled. However, in all honesty I have to admit that I have never felt such a personal connection with a family or a town – or even a TV show before, like I do with this one. I know several coworkers, friends and even family members that feel the same way (right down to my 17 year old daughter who is a OTH fan also)! We all love the show, the problem is/was finding the show. Every time we got accustomed to one time slot, the network would change it, without much notice, or pull the show from its normal time slot, mid-season, to run a test show or rerun or for some other unknown reason. Loyal fans had to work hard for this show and we did. I can’t tell you how often I had to resort to waiting for those FRESH EVERWOOD commercials to find out when I could see my favorite show again – I never gave up! Obviously other fans didn’t either . . . because this is one of the best-written and acted family dramas out there and does not deserve this untimely demise! The show relates to people of all ages. It has become part of a course study at the Athabasca University here in Calgary! It is a top quality drama – that if given a consistent time slot, proper advertising and FRESH episodes would excel in the ratings 10-fold!

    When I heard 7th Heaven was cancelled, I was sad, but knew it had run it’s course, so was accepting. However, now I hear the network has changed it mind and will be bringing 7th Heaven back – why? Bring in FRESH EVERWOOD instead! A show that has a rich story line and character base – that no one wants to say goodbye too!

    I cried like EDNA last night . . . never in a million years did I think I have to worry about EVERWOOD! It is obvious from the advertisement above that this show was suppose to be included in CW’s fall line-up . . . well go back to your original plan CW – EVERWOOD needs to be back in your fall line up – EVERWOOD fans will forgive you this mistake – JUST BRING OUR SHOW BACK!

  • I just wanted to say, that Everwood was the best show on the WB now CW, along with One Tree Hill. If Everwood is canceled which now looks like it has been even after the CW website said other wise, was dissapointing; My house hold of seven will no longer watch the CW which is a shame as I do like One tree hill and Gilmore Girls, but the rest can be flushed down the toliet. 7th Hevan should have been pulled years ago!!!! CW I think your decesions regarding the show choices you have picked will put you at the end of the pack drowing to keep up with all the other networks smooth move.

    No Longer a fan

  • Edward

    I love this show the characters and themes. The underlying love these people have for one another beneath the bitter aguing. It’s much more believeable than 7th heaven. And you have a great cast wo can act. Please if there is anyone with an ounce of common sence, come to now. (get with it).


  • Claire Wilson

    It is a fantastic show – dealing with real life issues. It is a very compassionate show with a lot of thought and detail. It is also very exciting and addictive! It will be missed. I watch it here in the UK and albeit we are only into season 3 here I’d love it to go to season 5. If it does not get broadcasted, will season 5 be avaliable on another network or DVD?

  • Jamee

    Well Odviously you guys pissed quite a few people off! Everwood is an awsome show and should be brought back. There were so many shows last season that were canceled and 7th Heaven was one of them….granted I’ve watched it since the begining and am glad its back but now I want Everwood to come back!

  • Sandy

    What is going on I thought that Everwood was suppose to return…why are the cutting it?? It really was a great show and I think that they are totally wrong for cutting it why not cut that darn America’s top model instead…I think our Everwood was a fantastic show and I’m really going to miss seeing it. I”m sure that there are alot more people that would rather watch Everwood than that America’s top model. I’m really disappointed!!!

  • Jean

    Ditto to all of those who want Everwood to continue. It is one of the best shows I have seen in a long time. Get rid of all of the reality crap and put on some quality shows. I am speaking for 14 people in this e-mail. What must we do to get rid of the sleeze and and idiotic class less vomit and keep the quality shows. What a mistake to cancel. Ho Hum to current ‘reality??’

  • Everwood has been a favorite since it began in 2002. The show gave a sence of realisim that has yet to be seen on any other show!!!! It has been a heart warming, heart felt, laughter & tears getaway from every day life. If not for Everwood ( & Gilmore Girls ) my tv would not come on at all!!!! 7Th Heaven, come on give me a break !!! 7th heaven is NOT a reality based show, it’s a fantisy, life just isn’t like that. Everwood, on the other hand, IS. If Everwood goes so go I. CW/WB wake up to what people want, if you don’t, you will lose more & more viewers. My 36yr old, 32 yr old and 30 yr old sons all agree with me about Everwood. Be smart. Bring Everwood BACK for a 5th Season ! ! ! CW, your a new station, just starting out, don’t blow your one chance to start out right!!! Just remember that if Everwood goes, I, as well as all my family & friends, will to. Thats about 100 of us for starters. Now add there family & friends, & so on & so on. Everwood IS THAT GOOD & WE WANT IT BACK ! ! !

  • T. givehand

    How dare you guys not renew the 5th season of Everwood. I don’t even watch any other channel but the WB. I watch Everwood, One Tree Hill, Smallville, Supernatural, and a countless number of other shows. I have never been so disappointed. I was really worried about the change from WB to CW. I understand that change is good but not when you just take away one of the best shows on your network. It is one of my favorite shows, and your going to replace it with America’s Next Top Model. No disrespect to Tyra Banks but do we really need to see a bunch of skinny girls running around trying to prove she’s the cutest?……Don’t we see enough of that everywhere else? You know when it starts getting cold and dark earlier, fall shows are my favorite. After I’ve finished dinner and the dishes and I’ve given my son a bath, sitting down on my couch with a blanket to watch the WB was my favorite. And now one of my favorite shows won’t be there…. We want to know whay happens between Bright and Hannah, and Amy and Ephram….. And will Andy and Nina ever get together or will she marry Jake. Don’t your viewers deserve better ?? Or maybe the WB/CW really is just like all the other networks….