michael lostLet me start by saying I really enjoyed last night’s episode of LOST. It gave us a glimpse into what Michael endured during his missing 13 days (huh!), while at the same time brilliantly set up next week’s two hour season finale. That said, I can’t believe Michael was only gone for ’13 days’. I know LOST time moves at a snails pace, but in the ‘real world’ Michael disappeared 6 months ago, so whenever the show had time stamps such as ‘3 days ago’, all I can manage is HUH?! (more like 2 weeks ago!).

That my friends, is the major weakness of LOST. Time stands still. Essentially nothing happened in last night’s episode. We just waited another week for a much anticipated invasion of THE OTHERS camp (sorry, I know the sting still hurts, I really shouldn’t be using the words ‘invasion’ in a sentence). Of course, like all good LOST episodes, more questions were brought up then answered. Why are THE OTHERS requesting four specific people? How do they know Sawyer’s real name? What’s the deal with Walt? And finally, in the words of Captain Apollo, ‘What the FRACK is with the sailboat?’ My guess, two new survivors wash ashore, who’s story we’ll discover more next season. While I’m on the guessing game. Michael won’t survive the finale, and THE OTHERS really have yet another secret underground hatch – the tents are just for ‘theatrics’.

Regardless, I’m completely psyched for next week’s finale. Let’s hope the answers we’ve been promised are actually delivered. Check out the preview for next week’s finale by below. (I Love YouTube!)

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  • Okay,

    I can’t believe I am saying this, but I thought last nights episode was the best of the season. Finally an episode that was intriguing the whole way through and not just a sudden tease at the end for next weeks episode. The scene with Sawyer and Jack and their guns was great…I really liked the episode. I can’t believe it.

  • hahahaha, you’ve finally come around to the rest of the world! congrats. Nex week’s finale should be awesome!

  • Amrie

    Yeah, at first it took me a minute to realize that time in LOST world moves like the Slowskeys from the Verizon commercials (if you haven’t seen it – two turtles, that are extremely slow. love it ha)…so the whole “13 days” time stamp threw me off. But I thought the episode was great, and the Sawyer / Jack scene? Awesome!

  • Amrie, agreed, the Sawyer/Jack scene was fantastic. But wasn’t it just one week ago (six months really) where Sawyer went all bad-ass on the Losties? Now he’s back to mr. good guy! what’s the deal?

  • Tim

    The woman he loved(to screw) is dead, that’s what. Heh. Anyway, I thought it was yet another great episode and I am absolutely stoked for next week. Did anybody else notice that key being turned in the previews? I wonder what that’s all about.