So Bitter

Well, the CW schedule is official, (you can check it out on the official CW web site and I must admit, I’ve never been so disappointed with anything (TV releated) in my entire life. For most of my life, I’ve been pretty lucky. I’ve never had a beloved show ripped away from me before its time. Most of my favourites had nice long runs. Sure there was the odd cancellation that upset me, Jack & Bobby, Grosse Pointe, Models Inc. to name a few – but overall I was happy and lucky (I never watched Angel!).

Of course as of today, everything has changed (I sound like a Lost promo!). EVERWOOD has been unceremoniously cancelled, well before its time. No show dared to tackle family drama in such an honest and enthraling way. I can honestly say I loved every hour I spent in EVERWOOD, never thinking, ‘Wow, this show is waste of my time,’ a thought I often have while watching SMALLVILLE. The writing was brilliant, original and funny. We laughed with Bright, we cried with Dr. Brown, and were shipped for Amy & Ephram and Andy & Nina. EVERWOOD will be greatly missed. Let’s hope the WB at least has the courtesy to release the rest of the series on DVD.

The thing that makes this all the worse, is that instead of EVERWOOD (a challenging and original show), we’re getting left with run of the mill, uninspired, poorly acted dreck. Yes, I’m talking about you 7th HEAVEN. You had a good 10 years, it’s time to take a break! How many more ‘life lessons’ do we need to learn? Also hurting EVERWOOD’s chances was the return of (serial cheater CHad Michael Murray) and ONE TREE HILL. To be honest, OTH is a guilty pleasure. But I would have left you with Jake in Missippi (or whereever he is) if I could keep EVERWOOD for another season.

So for me at least, UPFRONT WEEK has come to an depressing end. While I will still watch some of my WB/UPN favourites, including GILMORE GIRLS, and VERONICA MARS. I can’t help but wish this week never happened. I wish that the Powers that Be would come to their senses, and give EVERWOOD another season.

  • Amen, again!

    I did watch ANGEL and that show’s cancellation bled me dry when it was cancelled. The fact that was probably motivated by revenge for The WB losing Buffy made it all the worse. It took me a year and a half to even be able to turn on The WB again. I even removed it from my remote control favorites list.

    But Everwood? OMG. It is just so sad. It is the perfect family drama. It teaches the lessons that 7th Heaven attempts to teach without the cheese or the really! bad actors.

    And don’t get me started on OTH. I am not saying that campy knockoffs don’t have their place on television, but in place of quality family television? No freaking way!

  • Dana

    I hated the WB after Angel. This is the second time a network decision is absolutely destroying me. I am so sad that it is going to end. I do not understand how OTH can be picked up and not everwood. They had basically the same rating but it had no where near the critical acclaim. Everwood in quality television and will be greatly missed.

  • Back to sitting Shiva for Everwood. The CW should give the public a little bit of credit and put on some high quality television. I think with out great writing and compelling performances, the CW will be the CUL8TR network in no time. Very sad. I have never felt this strongly about the quality of a show. I think the TV Addict needs to rally the Everwood troops and have one last go at saving Everwood. At the very least can we start a keep 7th Heaven dead campaign? I hope they do release the DVDs and show us the ending we should be watching.


  • Gal Pal Ariel

    I will admit that I liked knowing that I could turn on the TV and see the good people of Everwood. (I was just starting to jump back on the bandwagon). What’s with 7th Heaven coming back? I have not had an urge to watch that show in many many years. I too am disappointed (though nearly not as crushed as you are) and hope that I am just the ‘sidekick’ who will try to get you through this difficult tv patch. Chin up TVaddict.

  • So sorry to hear about Everwood. I only started watching it last season, but it’s pretty clear from reading my blog how much I love it. I’m just astonished and disgusted that the CW would pick up a cloying, craptacular atrocity such as Seventh Heaven rather than one of the best dramas on TV. As Matt Roush at TV Guide said, watching the (should have been) series finale of SH was like ” gagging on a curdled vanilla smoothie.”

    Who wants to do that? I just want to watch Everwood. Damn.

  • Shawn

    Everwood cant go down without a fight. I say that if the CW doesn’t want quality programming then thats their loss. What the executive producers of Everwood should be doing now is pitching the fifth season to other networks. Why not ABC family? they already have some original programming like Beautiful People, or Falcon Beach, and they’re going to be airing the previous seasons of Everwood soon anyway. I think someone should start a petition and make it known that Everwood fans arent giving up on the best show on television.

  • AngryFan

    Did you see that Everwood has a page on the official CW website listing it’s time as Sundays 8/7c?? Why couldn’t they have kept that slot and bumped the sitcoms up an hour instead of airing Top Model repeats? It just doesn’t make sense.

  • Dan, so sorry about Everwood. It sucks when shows we love aren’t given a chance. I’m sharing the bitter pill with you because my beloved Invasion got canned, too. When I did my fall reviews this year, I even prefaced them by saying that shows I like usually get cancelled: Jack & Bobby, Freaks & Geeks, Angel, Felicity. I was ticked at the WB after Angel and Jack & Bobby. Those two hurt the most. I continue to be baffled by these decisions. How can King of Queens, Wife Swap and The Bacholor be renewed, but no Everwood and Invasion? No idea.

    Tube Talk Girl

  • CanadianFamily – Heather

    The CW announcement not include Everwood in their Fall Schedule makes no sense. They say their decision was to go with their “Top 8 Dramas” with their press release showing Everwood at number 9. More interesting was that their “Top 8 Dramas” included One Tree Hill (17th place) and Veronica Mars (24th place).

    For us, Everwood was more than just the “run of the mill” TV Show. As parents, we both noticed and appreciated how sensitively they approached issues of current interest to both teens and families without stepping on a “soap box” and resorting to taking one position or another.

    As far as watching the CW, we won’t be. Everwood was the only show that appealed to our family – plain and simple. Each of our girls have a TV in their bedrooms, so if they wanted to watch any of the CW shows in the past year at any time, they could easily have done so. We weren’t controlling the remote! As far as directing their entertainment towards a particular demographic, they have certainly not been successful in that aspect – at least not for us?

    Another group that should be interested and concerned with their decision to drop Everwood is their advertisers – that group that pays their bills. By deciding to drop Everwood (9th place – 3,650,000 viewers) and go forward with One Tree Hill (17th place – 2,820,000) and Veronica Mars (24th place – 2,310,000), in addition to an unknown in Everwood’s Monday Night time slot, they are being short-changed by having their advertising directed towards a significantly reduced audience. And, if there is any mass protest directed towards the CW decision, this could be their “Achilles Heel” if any protests were directed towards their advertisers.

    I don’t know of one advertiser that would say they would prefer to bypass 3,650,000 viewers for an audience comprising up to 1,300,000 less. Do you?

  • Lauren

    Everwood is one of the GREATEST shows to come along in a while. The fans have spoken, to prove that statement. To end such a great show wud be stupid, because Everwood will bring in the ratings, and its such a great REALISTIC show. It deals with real issues, and hits home, and the heart. I cried as i watched last nites eppisode, and i think we shud KEEP EVERWOOD GOING!!

  • networks have a problem with cancelling shows. jack & bobby, reunion, and popular are a few more to name.

  • Crazo Jen

    obviously you watch(ed) oth (you know the plot) and i was happy it was caried over. yes 7th heaven deserse to fade. smallville, yes it has its down moments, but over all its a really good show AND did you seriously think they would cut it JUST AFTER they made the superman movie? they want to see if the movie will bring more people to it. yes they didnt take directly from the top 8 dramas BUT do realize they had to take from both stations not only one or the other. just by the commercials i can see its mostly WB shows so i dont think their would have been any way for them to hang on to another. PLUS there is no way in hell they would leave a show that was doing amazingly well. there must have been contract problems or money issues for them to canecl it if it was indeed a top show. cheap makes the cut. makeing money makes the cut. every thing else gets the cut. PLUS they want to give their newer shows, such as prison break, a chance to gain an audicence. and they want to keep shows they know keep people so as to compete with the other chanels new shows such as kyle xy for prime time spots. see? there’s meaning and motive behind the madness, money.
    thanks for listening to my rant,