Upfronts 06: CW Schedule

The long awaited CW schedule is apparently as follows:

Monday: 7th Heaven, Runaway
Tuesday: Gilmore Girls, Veronica Mars
Wednesday: Top Model/Beauty and Geek, One Tree Hill
Thursday: Smallville, Supernatural
Friday: Wrestling
Sunday: Everybody Hates Chris, All of Us, Girlfriends, The Game

(Reba will be brought back mid-season for 13 episodes)

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  • Well,

    I don’t watch Everwood, but I feel bad for all you fans. CW seems a little stupid to only have 2 shows in primetime during weekdays. You’d figure Everwood could have fit in on any weekday. 8-9pm,9-10pm,10-11pm.

  • Terry B.

    I can’t believe that Everwood was cancelled! It’s an excellent show. This was one of the few worthwhile shows left and will be missed.

  • Amrie

    I hear Runaway is going to be good, and it stars Donnie Wahlberg, so it scores some NKOTB points.

    Tuesday night lineup really makes for a perfect night, if Gilmore Girls can overcome the hole into which Team Palladino dropped their characters.

    I really am upset that the quality of Everwood was tossed aside, for this brand new network to score big points with two of the lowest-quality shows (as far as great writing, acting, purpose goes) like OTH and 7th Heaven. I have nothing personally against the actors on OTH, but come on 7th Heaveners….10 years on the air and you STILL can’t act? Now it’s personal ha…

  • I still can’t believe that Everwood is gone while OTH and 7th Heaven stays. Really BAD decision!

    However, I am ecstatic about Veronica Mars getting a 3rd season AND being paired up with Gilmore Girls (lets hope they can repair the damage). My Tuesday nights are now set in stone.

  • Tim

    My tuesday was already Gilmore/Veronica so it’s nice that it’s on one network now. Anyway, I found it odd that “Chris” would air at 7 instead of 8 and ANTM repeats are going to be at like 9.

  • Michelle

    I cannot believe that a quality show like Everwood has been cancelled while 7th Heaven is still on the air. I thought the point of the “series finale” was that it was done? Guess not.

    Everwood was one of the few television shows I could sit down with my family and watch (as we all like very different things in tv and music, in entertainment in general). But this show was one thing that we ALL had in common and brought us together on Monday nights.

    I just cannot believe that the CW didn’t think Everwood was worth keeping. I think at one point everyone can either relate to one character or knows someone who does. That’s what makes the show so great. They’re like people you meet everyday. Who can say that about the Camdens?

    Ephraim, Amy, Bright, Delia, Hannah, Reid, Andy, Nina and everyone else, you will be missed.

    This is such a shame.


  • well said Michelle!