Your TV Quotes of the Week

It’s been a crazy week in TV land, and between the UPFRONT madness and me crying myself to sleep due to EVERWOOD’s cancellation, I haven’t had any time to think about my favourite TV quotes of the Week. So dear readers, I really need your help this week. Please post below your favourite quotes from this week in TV. If you’re new to – check out past TV Quotes of the Week so you know what the Frack I’m talking about!

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  • Jenny

    I didn’t have time to gather any this week. 🙁 Oh well. Hopefully someone can come up with a few!

  • Tim G.


    Janitor – “No, Mom… playpen/baby cage is not tomato/tomahto.”

    JD – “Relax, Brown Bear, there is no shame in cry-maxing.”

  • Tim G.

    Oh, and even though it technically wasn’t on TV I still think Dr. Bailey’s “Oh HELL no.” after falling out of bed deserves a spot.

  • Ash

    “Lay on your back, point your heals to Jesus and think of handbags.”

    -Karen to Jack about having sex with Beverly Leslie