ENTOURAGE is Back Baby!

entourage hbo

The third season of HBO’s male equivelant to Sex & the City, ENTOURAGE, premieres in less then a month – June 11. It’s been way too long since we’ve seen our favourite Hollywood Star, Vince along with the rest of his gang, Drama, Turtle, Eric and super-agent/scene stealer Ari (Jeremy Piven). Season three will follow the trials and tribulations of Vince as he tries to navigate Aquaman Stardom. Check out the trailer below.

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  • j-dog

    Would like to know how you think entourage is a male version of sex and the city? Please give me a critical breakdown oh tv addict.

  • Sex and the City – 4 women, who happen to be best friends talking about Sex against the glitzy backdrop of New York City

    Entourage – 4 guys, best friends, set against the glitzy hollywood backdrop of Los Angeles

  • j-dog

    not good enough…lol