In a brief email to the Chicago Tribute, EVERWOOD creator Greg Berlanti had this to say about the end of the series.

“We’re all profoundly sad… but at the same time amazingly grateful we got to be a part of something so special. I would personally like to thank all of the amazing fans and critics that have supported the show (yes, I’m talking about you, Television Without Pity) and connected with it the same way we did. You guys were the reason we were on so long to begin with. Andy Brown, Ephram, Delia, the Abbotts, Nina, Edna, Irv and all the other folks of Everwood that we got to watch grow and change, suffer and soar — they’re not characters, they’re us. And they will live on in our hearts and in syndication forever. I can only hope in my lifetime I get to be a part of something again that touches people in the same way. Until then… enjoy the last few episodes. And thank you guys so much for spending four years in Everwood.”

Executive producer Rina Mimoun had this to say:

“It’s been a very sad week for all of us Everwoodians. While we all knew this was possible, it still felt surprising when it actually happened. I guess crossing all your fingers and toes for 30 days straight doesn’t do that much after all. 🙂

“But all I can say is we had a lovely run, and it was the best four years I’ve ever spent in television. Hopefully the fans will enjoy our finale and keep us in their hearts.”

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