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I just thought I’d thank everyone for a great week. With the UPFRONTS, was definitely getting a record number of hits, along with some great comments and emails. Thanks for dropping by and helping add to the excitement (and disappointment to certain fans of EVERWOOD – not to beat a horse dead!).

I thought I’d take a moment to recommend a fantastic book I’m reading, it’s called Desperate Networks, and gives readers a fantastic look inside the TV industry, specifically focusing on the development of some of our favourite hit shows (Lost, Desperate Housewives, American Idol etc.). If you’re a TV ADDICT (like myself), you’ll definitely appreciate the behind-the-scenes look into the inner workings of the television industry. Author Bill Carter (The Late Shift) captures with gusto, the true portraits of the larger-than-life moguls and stars who make TV such a fascinating industry.

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  • Bring back,Everwood,Save Everwood. I will beat this dead hore till it arises from the dead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!