A Tale of 2 Spy Shows

24It’s ironic that after five seasons on the air, both ALIAS and 24 will air their two hour finales tonight. Both series were launched with a bang five years ago, amidst massive promotional campaigns, scoring record numbers in their season premieres. Of course as the seasons wore on, ALIAS’ audience shrunk due to an incredible complex story (listening lost?) while 24’s audience soared, thanks mainly to the juggernaut that is AMERICAN IDOL.

AliasWhile I’ve appreciated the edge-of-your-seat-completely-implausible excitement of 24 (bathroom breaks anyone?), I’ve always been a bigger fan of ALIAS. Under the direction of creative genius J.J. Abrams, ALIAS not only had a fantastic story (Seriously, we better find out the deal behind Rambaldi tonight – and it better be good!), it had characters with undeniable chemistry. Sydney and Vaughn, Irina and Jack, Jack and Sydney, Sydney and Sloane, well you get the idea! Unlike 24, which is essentially action action and more action – ALIAS had heart!

That said, my PVR will be set to record both finales tonight. Let’s hope both shows end their season (and series) as great as they started.

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  • I am sad to see Alias go. I have been one of the biggest fans of Alias since day one, and I stuck with it through the Lauren Reed season. I’m sure I’ll be teary tonight, because I tend to cry ha


    I dunno about anyone else, but I’m really pleased with how the show turned out. I especially like how Sloane ended up being punished. Being crushed beneath a boulder all alone for all eternity is very fitting. He finally gets what he always desires, immortality, yet he’s unable to enjoy it. Feels like a punishment out of Greek mythology.