ALIAS goes out with a bang!

There mission, should they choose to accept it, was to wrap up possibly one of the most complex and layered series in the history of television in a mere two hours. Ensuring that long-time and dedicated fans got a satisfactory ending for each and every one of the characters we’ve come to know and love. The writers of ALIAS succeeded in their mission, ending ALIAS on a high note. Providing meaningful endings for the majority of our favourite characters, all the while actually letting us in on the secret that is the mystery of Rambaldi (sort of!). Let me start off with what I LOVED about the episode:

1. Marshall. Could he have been any cooler? I LOVED his defiance of Sloane.
2. Tom. Sure he was one of those final year characters that appeared out of thin air, and for no real reason. But he died a heroes death. I was actually surprised by how much I cared.
3. Jack. I can honestly say that Jack Bristow was my favourite character on the show. Nobody does smoldering anger/intensity like Victor Garber. His protection of Sydney and his relationship with her was always one of my favourite aspects of the show. He died a noble death, and finally extracted his revenge on Sloane.
4. Sloane. Evil Sloane is and always will be way cooler then ‘pretending to be good’ Sloane. His ultimate demise was perfect, as death was too easy.
5. The ending. It was so nice to see Syd and Vaughan finally happy. I also loved the final shot of Syd’s daughter solving the puzzle. In twenty years I expect to see ALIAS: THE NEXT GENERATION!
6.Speaking of endings. I can’t finish off the ‘good’ without mentioning the coolest bad guy ever. SARK! I loved that he always survives, along with his stylish suits and $500 shoes! Can’t wait to see SARK the spin-off!

Okay, now on to what I didn’t like about the finale. The truth is, ALIAS was at one point, my favourite show on the air. If I could have chosen one show to be stranded on a desert island with, it would have been ALIAS. Seasons 1 and 2 of the series were absolute perfection. The perfect balance of personal/relationship angst and Rambaldi mythology. Of course, as season 3 wore on, the plot became more convulted and we really got the idea that the writers had no idea what the Rambaldi mystery was actually about. This couldn’t have been more evident in last night’s finale.

1. So pretty much Rambaldi provided eternal life. So that’s what we’ve waited five years to find out. Clearly the writer’s realized that they built Rambaldi up so much, we would never be satisfied with any plausible explanation for what Rambaldi was all about. (LOST writers, take note – better to provide answers now then never provide them and have the audience ultimately disappointed!)
2. Did the opening credits really have to ruin the fact that all of our favourites were going to return. Although I will say, I really thought we’d see yet another ‘evil’ Francie. It was funny to see old-school naivĂ© College Francie!
3. Irina Derevko. Lena Olin and Jennifer Garner have brilliant chemistry together. I could watch Lena read a phone book. But to bring her back, just to discover that all she really wants is power – kind of lame. As much as I love to see her on the show, I just thought her final motivation was so contrived. I mean we’ve seen her betray her family, and everyone she loved for the past thirty years for what? I just didn’t buy it!

That’s it for now. Let me just say thanks to the writers and cast of ALIAS. It was a wonderful ride, and I’m sad to see it has come to an end. I’m off to watch my season one DVD and re-live how it all started. If you’re feeling nostalgic, check out the movie below for a nice little ALIAS montage.

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  • Early contender for quote of the week!

    “You beat death Arvin, but you couldn’t beat me.”


  • Kate Mayer

    I am sorry Alias is over but I am happy to see David Anders, Ron Rifkin and Victor Garber have new shows.

  • Clara

    I LOVE Marshall!!! The “empire strikes back cool” line was amazing, how he took the time to tell Sloane he never liked him and the idea of a whole new generation of Marshal Flinkmans is adorable.