Have 60 million: Save DEADWOOD!

Are you a fan of HBO’s recently cancelled DEADWOOD? Do you happen to have an extra 60 million dollars lying around? (who doesn’t?). If so, you can help save DEADWOOD. Creator David Milch always planned DEADWOOD as a four chapter series. Hoping to make his vision a reality, Milch is looking for a generous benefactor to help save the show and give him one more season (12 episodes).

“I’m doing what I can,” Milch says. “Any financial participation could take the pressure off. HBO hasn’t said no… . If I were a gambling guy, which I am, I’d say odds are less than even money.”

Milch says he’s looking at any avenue for funds, including casino tie-ins, theme parks as well as the actual commnity of Deadwood

The third (and most likely final) season of DEADWOOD premieres June 11 on HBO. With a huge ensemble cast and lavish period sets, production costs are north of $5 million an episode. A full season’s order is 12 episodes.

My question: How much would it cost to SAVE EVERWOOD?

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  • For ideas, information, support, and ways to help Save Deadwood, please visit and register at http://savedeadwood.tv. Don’t let this beauty die!

  • Meggan

    I don’t have 60 million dollars but HBO already has my fee! Save this show!

  • Kevin

    HBO sucks! Deadwood was great. I already cancelled my subscription to this joke of a channel long ago – and I couldn’t be ahppier about it. If they cancelled a great show like this-they might do it again…and I will not get all involved in something only to have some shortsighted ‘Suits’ cancel it.

    In fact – I am TV free for a couple of years now and it’s great! I recommend it to anyone interested in actually living and wanting to set themselves free!!! Watch DVDs instead. Then you don’t get caught up in stupid mindless boobery!