Tuesday Musings: My Trip to Buffalo

I realize most of you will be visiting the site expecting to read theTVaddict’s reaction to last night’s finales of ALIAS and 24. I’ll end the suspense now by letting you know I haven’t had a chance to watch either. Why you ask? (Damn you’re nosy!) Well for your information, yesterday was a holiday up here in the Great White North (Canada). I spent my Victoria Day driving to Buffalo with a friend, partaking in a day of complete excess. Eating, Shopping (for DVDs, Books and other fun stuff) and more eating (TGIF, Chili’s, yummy American food that we don’t have in Toronto!). As a result I don’t have any insightful thoughts on last night’s TV. Rest assured, I PVR’d everthing and will discuss what I hope will be an amazing ALIAS finale tomorrow.

In lieu (I really hope thats a word) of witty TV commentary, I’d like to pass on some shopping tips: TARGET has an incredible sale on TV seasons on DVD. For $22.99! you could get Nip/Tuck (seasons 1 & 2), West Wing (seasons 1-5), Gilmore Girls (seasons 1-5), One Tree Hill (seasons 1 & 2), Veronica Mars (season 1) and I think a few more that I don’t remember. Personally I snagged Veronica Mars and Gilmore Girls season 5 to round out my collection.

Finally in more TV news, the hilarious and brilliant CHAPPELLE SHOW has just been added to iTunes. Check it out by clicking here.

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  • It’s “lieu”, Dan. It comes from your neighbors, the French. It means “in stead.”

  • It wasn’t so much the word I wasn’t sure of… it was the spelling! THANKS 🙂

  • You’re right, I was really hoping to read your take on both Alias and 24. However, I had to TiVo both as well because I was too busy to camp out for 2 hours in front of the TV (plus I just couldn’t choose which one I wanted to watch “live”). At any rate, I’ll keep checking back!

  • Dear Panasianbiz,
    Thanks for looking forward to my thoughts!
    I promise to post my ALIAS thoughts first thing tomorrow morning! I hope my DVD sale tips make up for my lack of TV watching 🙂

  • The DVD sale tips ABSOLUTELY make up for the lack of TV watching. I’m a big stickler for making sure that I have a complete collection of all available TV shows on DVD, and though I cannot stand OTH, I bought season 1 for my sister last year when it was 22 bucks, so I have to go get season 2 at the low price to make the collection complete ha. Yeah, Monk and me – we’re like peas in a pod!

  • Apple

    Is that sale still going on? I picked up a few DVDs a few weeks ago but will hop in the car right away if it is still going!

  • j-dog

    So you bought season 5 of the gilmore girls, eh? well I got something better than a dvd coming your way…

  • what you talkin’ about j-dog?

  • j-dog

    you’ll see….there will be a special announcement soon by the wonderful ari…

  • j-dog

    Still clueless? well you don’t have to wait much longer…just make sure you have plenty of kleenex available…:).