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I’m sure I’m not the first person to say this, but after watching tonight’s finale of LOST, I’ve discovered who ‘he’ is (or rather ‘they’). ‘They’ are the LOST showrunners, Damon Lindeloff and Carlton Cuse. ‘They’ are the ones in control, watching us loyal LOST fans from on high and laughing as we keep tuning in every week.

You see folks, the joke is on us. We’re the experiment. Like Jim Carry in the TRUMAN SHOW, we’re being observed, tested and manipulated. Each week we’re promised answers. The network teases us with tantalizing previews, we’re sucked in with complex internet web sites and message boards. All the while ‘They’ watch on from above (or their mansions in burbank). Will we actually fall for it again? Rearrange our lives, put our evenings on hold. At 9pm on Wednesday night will we gather in front of the TV to watch LOST?

The answer of course is ‘yes’. The experiment is a success. For 52 weeks, we’ve been hooked Hoping beyond hope that we’ll actually get some answers. Discover what the FRACK is going on in this show! Only to disappointed once again.

Tonight’s second season finale was the ultimate betrayal. We really believed we were going to get some actual answers. The previews said, and I quote, ‘The answers you’ve been waiting for are here.” Okay, admitidly, we did see what happens when the countdown ends, and we sort of found out why the plane crash, but really, they weren’t the real answers. We just got a morsel to satiate our hunger. In truth we’re going to have come back in September to get some more answers, and sadly, like the lab rat to cheese, I’ll be there.

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  • Common Sense

    Dude, we’re ALL in the dark…and loving it, I’m afraid. There were so many incredible twists in that episode (and a good number of revelations), I was completely enthralled. Of course, as with the Alias finale, I’ve got many unanswered questions I hope will be answered in due time. The whole “Others” on the dock scenes—WOW.

    But Locke and Eko both dead!?!? (Here’s a quote for you: “I was wrong!”)

    Funny how the season finale moments can leave you breathless and on the verge of just screaming: i.e. The Office, Alias and now Lost…the 3 best shows on TV. (Oh, and the VM finale was way cool, too).

  • CS (I’ve shortened your name officially!)
    Agreed, we’re in the dark, and there were some cool twists, but still too many unanswered questions will be LOST’s downfall. Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoyed the episode. But too much of nothing destroyed ALIAS starting in season 3, and LOST will suffer the same fate if we don’t start getting some definitive answers!

    Locke & Eko will be back… Carlton and Cuse love them way too much! I mean Locke carries a big stick!

    THE OFFICE was the best finale… ALIAS, while a good series finale – wasn’t anywhere as good as season 1 and 2’s, and then there’s LOST.. all I can say is HUH! Carlton and Cuse have a lot to answer for in next season’s premiere! I think I may have rather seen another hatch opening! 🙂

  • We GOT answers… but a whole lot more questions to go along with it.

    The electromagnetic field crashed the plane.

    Des killed the other guy.

    Des was in love with Caleb Nichol…er…Charles Widmore’s daughter Penelope.

    Apparently Penelope has been spending the last 3 years looking for Desmond.

  • Sure there were answers, just not satisfying ones.

    And yes, I LOVED SEEING CALEB NICHOL back in action. How great would it have been if Penelope was Kirsten, or Julie.

    Note – Caleb is actually Australian, we actually got to here his real voice!

  • Have you applied for a job with the Hanso Foundation Dan? 😛

  • Not yet, I really don’t want to take time away from my job as ‘professional blogger’ 🙂

  • this show doesnt deserve a third season.

  • So…just finished watching the finale, and I’m not sure what to think. I’m with Daniel, I think. I don’t think we got enough answers, and the questions raised really bug me. Come on, life at camp without Jack and Sawyer and Kate? How did Penelope know to look for the big electromagnetic field??

  • Dear theTVaddictaddict (or official tvaddict LOSTbasher!),

    Your anti-LOST post was way too predictable following tonights Episode!!! mix it up 🙂

  • Hey All,

    what’s with all the use of ‘Dan’ or ‘Daniel’… my name is ‘theTVaddict’…. is Superman called ‘Clark’ in public… come on people, I have stalkers everywhere, keep the secret identity secret 🙂

  • listen thetvaddict, I admitted to liking last weeks episode, so technically it has been 2 weeks since my last lost bashing. It really is the worst show on T.V and tonights episode just proved this further. I am not watching next season.

    I am emailing ABC right now to demand the show gets cancelled.

  • My apologies to theTvaddict! 😉
    You’ve got a point – if Superman were called Clark in public it would end badly haha…
    No one wants a crazy stalker!

  • Tim

    If you don’t think we get answers in this show, just watch the first season all over again and with a straight face tell me we don’t know WAY MORE than we did then.

    Personally, I am thrilled with the direction the show is going.

  • So Penny Widmore hiring a portuguese crew in the (sub?)Arctic to watch for Electromagnetic phenomenon is “the Challah” as Carlton Cuse & Damon Lindelof like to call it.

    This is all fine and good, but WHAT DOES IT MEAN?!

    One thing I really liked about it was that we finally got a “real-time” glimpse off the island instead of just a flashback. Ever since the show began I’ve been just as interested in how the disappearance of Flight 815 affected the lives of their family and friends back home. I really hope Season 3 makes use of this, they can continue with specific character episodes and in addition to the flashbacks maybe show how Jack’s mother coped with the disappearance of her husband AND her son, what happens with Charlie’s brother, Kate’s mother or Locke’s girlfriend.

    Oh, and LOST is coming back in October, not September. Add that to “Battlestar Galactica” and that means waiting for 5 months for both of my TV obsessions to come back.

    People are theorizing that Lost will be back either October 11th or 18th since ABC’s plan for season 3 is to air 7 new episodes in a row through November sweeps then take a 2-month hiatus while they air a different show in the timeslot. Lost will come back in late January/early February and run the remaining 16/17 episodes uninterupted through May.

  • Okay, I’m going to admit something that may destroy my LOST cred… I Honestly had no idea it was Libby who Desmond was talking to!!! I KNEW that it was a woman who we’ve seen before, but I just couldn’t figure out who!!!

    also, didn’t it seem like Desmond’s hatch friend and the bearded guy mr. friendly were the same person? I don’t think they were though. Apparently Desmond’s hatch friend was Sayid’s army boss who ordered Sayid to torture people in one of Sayid’s flashbacks

  • I just read that Widmore is connected to everyone – owner of the construction company where Michael worked, owner of the company that makes the hot air balloon that real Henry Gale crashed with, owner of the company that makes the pregnancy tests that various cast-women used….Charles Widmore has a huge connection to the island, wonder how he’s involved. If it means we get to see the awesome Alan Dale next season, YAY! Caleb Nichol, back in action, and I love it.

  • And THAT is why when VM was scheduled at the same time as LOST this season I gave my time to VM. I haven’t seen an episode yet this season and am waiting to see it on DVD.

    LOST is seemingly The X Files redux. There are lots of long, winding paths that seem to lead nowhere. I don’t think they even know where it all leads. And that is just bad storytelling.

  • Therapist

    I am as big of a fan as it gets when it comes to Lost and so are the twelve of my friends who get together religously, to watch LOST. We have all decided that the character development is great. However the plot or lack of is horrible. There were no foreshadowing events that really make you want to resume watching the show other than habit. The flashbacks in my opinion were a huge waste of time this season. I feel like the writing and point of direction are just as lost as the characters. I doubt our televisions will be tuned back in come September. The finale sucked!!! The writers aren’t giving enough bait to keep the fish on the line.

  • Jennifer

    Widmore is the financial backer for the island experiment. That’s how Penelope knew to look for an electromagnetic field. The one thing that will redeem lost for me, is if when it comes back in ocotober it moves faster than in this season. It took till the end of the season for any real action.

  • LOL at your post, TV Addict. I didn’t read anything on the web before writing my diatribe at my site because I don’t like to be biased, but apparently we share the same brain! I think Widmore is behind it all, too. He’s got the cash and the power. As for you not recognizing Libby, geesh TV Addict that’s like Lois Lane not recognizing Clark/Superman. And you call yourself a TV addict! Just kidding. You know I have great love for you!

    Tube Talk Girl

  • Rae

    “Also, didn’t it seem like Desmond’s hatch friend and the bearded guy mr. friendly were the same person?”

    That’s what I thought at first too but I think they just looked similar. I have a hard time recognizing people when they have a similar look. Maybe they will turn out to be connected.

    “Apparently Desmond’s hatch friend was Sayid’s army boss who ordered Sayid to torture people in one of Sayid’s flashbacks.”

    I’ve seen this elsewhere online myself but I guess I’m confused about which army boss. The one that was Kate’s “Dad”? That doesn’t seem to make sense in the timeline although I could be wrong about that because the Island is playing havoc with my sense of time.

    Aww, I can’t believe you didn’t recognize Libby! Her hair color was different though so I can understand. Of course now I’m even more curious what drove her over the edge. She seems to be just starting to be losing it in the flashbacks in the finale so I assume something else happens that ends up with her going to the same hospital as Hurley. Also, her’s husband’s name is the same name of Hurley’s imaginary friend. Cue the creepy music.

  • Jan

    well, the joke will certainly be on us when the show is cancelled in a year or two and there are no answers, They can create these huge, huge, mysteries and then poof the show is gone. No guarentees in television….I am thinking of when American Dreams was pulled. It just stopped in the middle of the story.