If EVERWOOD Survived…

If EVERWOOD wasn’t killed by the CW, here’s how it would have ended. According to Kristin over at eonline.com:

It’s my understanding they’re going to use the alternate ending (the one they hoped they wouldn’t have to use), which is not a big cliffhanger. Had the show survived, Sarah Lancaster (Madison) would have returned, surprising Ephram and bringing that storyline back for next season. Everwood really wanted Lancaster on board for next season, but in an odd twist of fate, the show that was expected to survive (Everwood) didn’t, and Sarah’s other show (What About Brian) did.

According to Michael Ausiello over at TVGuide:

I can tell you how this season would have concluded if the damn CW picked it up for a fifth year. The cliff-hanger would have revolved around Ephram receiving a voice mail from Madison saying that she was back in town. (Sarah Lancaster would’ve appeared in a single scene at Sam’s). Torn between ignoring the message to go meet Amy down on the street or calling his ex back, Eph foolishly lets Amy wait while he dials. The last scene would have been him saying, “Madison? It’s me.” It’s all a moot point though, since the alternate series-finale ending will now be used instead. I haven’t seen it, but according to someone who has read the script, it’s romantic and beautiful. And long overdue.

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  • Common Sense

    Imagine just how close The CW came to making virtually EVERYONE happy. All they had to do was give Everwood a 13-eps. pickup, for mid-season or wherever, and there would’ve been universal approval and appreciation for their new lineup. As it stands now, viewers and critics alike are left with an awful, awful taste in our mouths, as the dreadful 7th H. and OTH found timeslots, along with a weekly REPEAT of ANTM (lord, help us).

  • Common Sense, another great point. And SO TRUE! If they were ‘smart’ they would have placated 5 million EVERWOOD fans, but just giving us a 13 episode commitment to wrap up the series. Even if they weren’t going to air it in the Fall, one of their ‘fantastic’ new fall shows will no doubt fail. Why not replace it with EVERWOOD instead of another rerun of ANTM! Clearly Dawn Ostroff lacks ‘common sense!’

  • That’s not to mention the fact that Dawn-and-co. only gave “22-episode pickups with the chance for a cut to 13-episodes” to Veronica Mars, Supernatural, and OTH, so what happens if one of those shows tanks (god forbid people don’t watch VM. then i’ll be crying even more), gets cut short, and they have MORE time on their schedule? They’ll inevitably fill it with more reality garbage…and will be the new laughingstock network…

  • Tyler

    I would have loved! I never liked Ephram and Amy together, they were always so indecisive and childish together. I was really upset with the whole giving up Madison and Ephram’s baby storyline, it ruined the show for me honestly and I always hoped the writers would redeem themselves and bring Madison back, DAMN them and the CW it would have been perfect. After Andy did that to Madison who was so confused, I never saw him the same way again.

    Ending for me was weak.

  • Ally

    would have wanted him to the Madison edding. I loathed the fact that Eprham had a son with Madison and it wasn't developed properly. Through S3 & S4 I couldn't enjoy it because I hated Andy. Was bored with Amy and Eprham and was like BRING MADISON AND HER SON BACK!