STUDIO 60 on the move

This afternoon NBC held a press conference (call) to announce some much anticipated changes to its fall schedule. Changes that were made necessary when ABC announced they were scheduling their smash hit GREY’S ANATOMY on Thursday at 9pm. As a result, STUDIO 6 is moving to Monday’s at 10pm, bumping MEDIUM to mid-season. Fo fellow TV addicts, this comes as welcome news, as Thursday at 9pm was becoming way too popular with CSI, Supernatural, Grey’s Anatomy, Studio 60 and the OC? What was a TV addict to do?

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  • Jenny

    Get a vcr. lol 😉

    Yeah, I’m ok with the move. The only issue I have now is that they put L&O: CI right before SVU. 2 Law & Orders back to back? Stupid stupid stupid. lol

  • Amrie

    There’s our first casualty of Thursdays at 9! 🙂 I think it’s going to be the best thing for the show. It looks really good!

    With all of these changes, hopefully NBC can get some viewers this year 🙂

  • Jennifer

    Obviously NBC is pushing for studio 60, or else they just would have waited and watched. NBC had to do something to come back from the slump they have been in since all their long running shows ended.