Brilliant But Cancelled

If you’re a fan of’s weekly podcast, you’ll remember last week when myself (Daniel) and Ari were talking about how we wished there was TV station that aired all the pilots that didn’t get picked up by the networks. While I haven’t uncovered a TV station, there is a web site called Click on over to the site to check out unaired pilots featuring fan favourites Jason Batemen, Greg Grunberg and more. Thanks to podcast listener Vanessa for pointing me to the site!

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  • To Whom It May Concern,
    can you please tell me why are you taking Reba
    off for stupid wrestling! that’s not fair I love
    Reba it’s my favorite show! your bringing back
    Everwood, 7th Heaven that’s not right I’m never going to watch CW unless you bring Reba back!!
    Reba’s show is #1 on tv & you have the nerve to take her show off friday’s you have a lot of other show’s why Reba becuse there is no Violence we have enough on tv we want a comedy!
    & Reba is it BRING REBA BACK!!! what do you have against Reba!

  • Ash

    Brilliant But Canceled is/was a website but Bravo is airing some of the shows like last night it aired all six episodes of The Jake Effect (Jason Bateman pre-AD show) in a 3 hour block.

  • Jenny

    *looks curiously at Michael*