R.I.P. The WB

I just thought I’d let everyone know that this week’s ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY has a great article on the end of the WB. (The issue features Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn on the cover).

As the groundbreaking network signs off, we look back on its finest moments (‘Everwood’) and most memorable missteps (Felicity’s haircut). Pluls we always love an excuse to run a ‘Buffy’ photo.

The issue is available on newsstands now, and definitely worth the read. And not to beat a dead horse, but in EW’s own words, ‘In failing to pick up televisions’s best family drama, the CW has already made its first mistake.’

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  • Oooh, great. I will absolutely be reading it…even if I disagree with them that Felicity’s haircut was “a misstep”. Seriously, people! It’s just hair! I thought she looked cute.

    They are extremely right about Everwood, though.

  • Common Sense

    Let’s hope The CW execs can read. Can the whole world be wrong, and just those few programmers “right?” I think not. Why are they being so stubborn about Everwood, you have to wonder?

    Felicity was THE BEST show in the history of The WB…and if viewers actually stopped watching because the star got a haircut, they’ve got serious mental issues. And it’s their loss, because they missed some of the finest acting in TV history. (Wonder if those are the same viewers who think it’s “good storytelling” to have three Camdens announce pregnancies with twins in the same episode. Hmmm, nothing far-fetched there.)

    Also, I’ve heard Felicity fans knock the final three episodes, where she was able to travel back in time. Dude, those were three of the MOST FUN episodes ever!!! Keri was hysterical, trying to “fix” things she knew would be happening. J.J. gave us such a glimpse into his genius with that show. Truly unforgettable. Felicity & Everwood…two great, great series who ended prematurely because of the mental decline in America.

  • DukE

    Everwood could be considered the best show in US Television, indeed.

    I cannot understand why TV executives do not read but the ratings, which can be so easily manipulated.

    EVERWOOD deserves to go on… it is a real jewel in American TV. (And there are not many of them)

  • Sarah

    Everwood and Felicity were by far the two best shows on the WB. I’m a relatively new fan of Everwood (started at the beginning of this season after seeing season one on dvd). It is the most realistic show on television! I’m still praying that another network will see how great this show is and pick it up. Fellow Everwood fans, if you haven’t already gone to the Save Everwood site, please join and help us in writing in to other networks. Hey if Roswell fans can have their show picked up by another network, we could too. Everwood at least deserves a fighting chance.

    A few last words on Felicity, enjoy watching the dvds…it really is a great series, and the only one I’ve ever watched through an entire television run. It bugs me how everyone assumed it was Keri’s haircut that led to a ratings drop when they moved the show to another night (Sundays, I believe it was). Of course no one mentioned that.