In a last ditch effort to gain more viewers, EVERWOOD pulls a ‘LOST’ and does a flashback episode! Of course, unlike LOST, the flashbacks in EVERWOOD were truly remarkable. Watching how Irv affected so many of EVERWOOD’s denizens was fantastic (with the show ending, I’ll refrain from mentioning that Irv had more screen time in this episode that he did in seasons 2 and 3 combined!) From the beautiful opening credits (which along with the WEST WING is the only theme song I never skip) I loved every minute of tonight’s episode.

It’s truly remarkable to watch how far Ephram and Andy’s relationship has evolved since the beginning of the series. I loved their conversation tonight, and was especially moved by the lengths Ephram went to ensure his father’s happiness.

Ephram & Amy: The one relationship that I ‘ship’ for. I can’t wait to see them finally realize that they are eachothers soulmates.

Aside from Ephram and Andy, no character has come as far as Bright Abbott. Chris Pratt (with the help of some amazing writing) took a stereotypical high school jock and slowly transformed him into one of TV’s most lovable characters. Irv was right on the money when he said Bright’s future held endless possibilities.

Finally, seeing Edna break down after four years of strength was both haunting and heartbreaking at the same time.

I’m going to miss EVERWOOD so much. Edna definitely took the words out of my mouth, when she uttered, “We didn’t get enough time, We deserve more time.” That’s exactly how I feel about TV’s best drama.

A final note (afterall, I have to nitpick about something). Two things really bugged me about the episode. First off, I can’t believe Irv’s daughter didn’t show up to his funeral. I mean are we really supposed to believe that she wouldn’t show up? Finally, the fact that the WB is actually (finally!) promoting the series final of EVERWOOD is disgusting. They neglected the show for FOUR YEARS, and to think they’re trying to milk a few extra bucks out of the ‘series’ finale is just plain wrong. If EVERWOOD was given a quarter of the support that 7th HEAVEN was given, it would have been picked up by the CW.

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  • magieyT

    i’m sorry but this episode was awful. what a waste of time to see all this when there is so little time left. i was all for saving everwood, but after this, i have unfortunately lost interest. i just feel cheated. the quality has lately been really declining. oh well, i guess its a moot point now.

  • angela

    Are you kidding me?
    That was great TV last night. I loved it. I can’t believe it’s going to be over. I am so sad. I loved last night. Everyone I that I know said the same thing. I am so going to miss this Great Show.

  • Common Sense

    Well, magieyT….sorry, but you’re part of the problem.

    TVAddict, I couldn’t have reviewed the episode any better. When Ephram told Amy (in that flashback) that her soulmate wouldn’t leave “’cause he gets to be with you,” it was electrifying. There wasn’t a misstep the entire episode….simply perfect.

    Loved, also, how many characters we never see together (alone) in a scene were paired, i.e. Ephram & Nina, Irv & Bright, Edna & Rose.

  • Tonya

    I am so sad…my dvr didn’t record the show–so I missed it. It sounds really touching though…

  • That was an absolutely amazing episode, I’m still thinking about it!! Does anyone know if next week is actually a 2 hour episode or if it’s a clip show kind of thing looking back and then the regular hour?

  • Liz

    I missed the episode too, but I am upset that Everwood is going and 7th heaven is staying. I know 7th’s ratings are better and it is an established show, but Everwood is much better in general and has room to grow. I’m just glad they shot an alternative ending to the show so that it will end right.

  • magieyT

    how am i part of the problem? i have been invested in this show and now with only two episodes left…that. blah! we’re all entitled to our opinions and i just wanted to share mine, i didn’t think i’d be attackd for that.

  • Common Sense


    The “shift” button will give you capital letters.

    Not to nitpick, or “attack,” as you put it. But how anyone who has watched Everwood consistently could have one negative thing to say about THAT episode, in particular, is beyond strange. I echo what the other posters are saying…I can’t stop thinking about the incredible moments, conversations, unspoken feelings that were included last night. Nina, Ephram, Amy…OMG. That episode–in itself–defines what good TV is all about.

    EW actors are so good, I’m convinced they could all sit around looking at each other for an hour, and it would be compelling TV.

  • magieyT

    “common sense,” you’re quite witty. however, if i choose to write in lowercase letters, so be it. hey, ee cummings did it!

    now i guess i just disagree with you on that episode. but, no one here is an expert, so i think it can be said that we’re all entitled to our opinions. i wish you luck in saving that show, because it obviously brings you great joy. i used to agree, but as of the past few episodes, don’t. and that’s ok. i will go on watching the shows i choose to, and god willing your show comes back, you can do the same. i bet we even like some of the same (other) shows! veronica mars? entourage? lost?

    perhaps we should simply agree to disagree. best of luck again. 🙂


  • Colleen

    The loss of Everwood is as bad as the loss of West Wing or Judging Amy. I do understand that programs have a life span but more often than not very good programs are removed long before there time and truely senseless programing ie 7th Heaven survive or are ressurected for no good reason. It never ceases to amaze me how the truely important programing is cancelled. Everwoods characters are believable because of the superb writing and stellar cast. However 7th Heaven with its unbelievable storylines poor writing and even poorer acting are taking up valuable airtime for yet another season.

  • In 7th Heaven’s defence. I understand why it was renewed. Look TV’s a business, unexplicably, it is the WB (now CW’s) most watched show. The fact is, EVERWOOD should have been renewed regardless of 7th heaven. The CW should have brought it back in January and run it after their new drama RUNAWAY is cancelled – or when one of their dramas take a ‘break’. Let’s hope the CW has come to their senses and realized what they are giving up.

  • Ann Estrada

    will the last episode of Everwood be shown again … and when … thank you.

  • Geoff FOubert

    I’m so very disappointed in network TV that I feel like selling my home theatre and going back to reading exclusively. My daughter and I have shared Everwoods lessons in values, disasters and triumphs for four years. niether of us can belive it’s over.