Exclusive Interview: David Sutcliffe

Well you guys (and gals) are too smart! DAVID SUTCLIFFE, best known as Christopher on the GILMORE GIRLS is theTVaddict’s next Exclusive Iinterview. I’ll be talking to him this week, and I’d love to get YOUR questions. Please post below anything you think I should be asking! Please note: Angry comments to David for ‘sleeping with Lorelai’ probably won’t be accepted, for that I’ll have to talk to Amy Sherman-Palladino 🙂

In case you’re still trying to decipher my really difficult ‘clues’. David’s connection to the ‘TV White House’ is Teri Polo – they starred together in a really cute ABC sitcom a few years back called I’M WITH HER.

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  • kari

    ok so the obvious question is

    whats going on between him and lorelai

  • Julia

    Is he going to be in the credits? Does it look like he’ll be around all season, or just half?

  • Claire

    Does he want to see a real Chris/Rory story arc?

  • jenny

    ask if hes ever had feelings for lauren graham or if they ever had a thing

  • Lee

    The only thing anyone really cares about is the sleeping with Lorelai thing – so, why bother with an interview at this point in time since he won’t be able to answer anything that fans really care about? The new showrunner likely doesn’t even have the direction for next year completely mapped out. If it is not considered an angry comment, can you ask how he believes his actions will be perceived in that he slept with a friend who must be clearly upset about her engagement ending fight with the one man she says she has ever loved. For me, that is so difficult to comprehend. It seems like a huge problematic issue for their relationship as friend/mother of his daughter.

  • Marie

    Not angry. Just curious. Can Christopher please drop off the face of the earth?

  • Cathy S.

    Does David understand that many fans are simply tired of Christopher coming back to ruin everything between Lorelai and Luke yet again? His character might be more welcome had his appearances involved his daughter, somehow.

  • Jenny

    haha Ouch, you GG fans are vicious!

  • This may sound like an “I hate Chris” rant at first, but I promise that it is not.

    David, your character seemed to change and mature as season six progressed, I’m sure you know that for a large portion of the shows run, Chris seemed to either be loved or hated (usually it was the latter) but he was finally being the friend and father he needed to be and I think fans appreciated that. I for one, never wanted Lorelai and Chris to become romantically involved, but I did like the friendship aspect, and I was extremely happy to see it, especially in the sidekick episode, because there didn’t seem to be any ulterior motives for Chris. I was originally going to ask if you were upset that your character is right back into that season two storyline (you know the Sherry Vs. Lorelai one), but i’m not sure that you see what has been done to your character as a bad thing and i’m not convinced that Lorelai and Chris actually had sex. So my real question is how do you feel about the whole situation?

    And just because I’m sure you are getting as tired as I am of the Lorelai and Chris questions, boxers or briefs? What is your favorite band of all time?

  • Amrie

    What I’d be interested to know is how the writers brought up the final episode with him. Did they give any backstory, reasoning behind why Lorelai showed up? Was there more to it that they were told, as opposed to what we viewers saw?

  • Sandy

    Can you ask David how he sees his character’s growth from when we first met him in season 1? Does he think Sherry will ever try to reassert herself into Christopher and Gigi’s life? Does he think Christopher might be walking his first daughter down the aisle anytime soon? Will *he* ever get a chance to confront the Huntzbergers over their views of and treatment of Rory?

  • Nancy

    Christopher has always been brought into storylines to seemingly complicate Lorelai’s (love) life, which has cast him into the “villian” role on Gilmore Girls, since it seems the majority of fans support a Luke/Lorelai relationship. I’m curious to know what he thinks about playing the villian. Also, since this is presumably the final season of Gilmore Girls, what does he want to have happen to his character (develop a relationship with Rory? Get the girl (Lorelai) he’s been pining for for 22 years? Have a working friendship with Lorelai?, etc.) before the show wraps, and how does he want his character remembered.

    Finally, I would appreciate any insight he has regarding working with any of the Gilmore Girls (Lauren Graham, Alexis Bledel, or Kelly Bishop).

  • If he’s not booked to appear in every GG episode next season, what is David planning on doing with the rest of his year?

  • Lilah

    David has done a credible job of playing a frivolous, unsympathetic character on Gilmore Girls. How does he handle the unpopularity of his character, has he had any verbal attacks in public by fans who have trouble keeping attached to reality, and does he intend to acquire more substantive roles on future shows? He has played the lightweight for several different networks; is he Canada’s answer to Gig Young?

  • J. Stone

    “Not angry. Just curious. Can Christopher please drop off the face of the earth? ”

    I completely agree.

  • Angela

    What storylines would you like to see developed for Christopher in the seventh season? Are there any regrets that you have about Christopher’s development as a character?

  • Babette

    Can’t you find another gig before September? Please?

  • melanie

    I know he doesn’t know the direction the new showrunner will take, but was the original reason he was asked to return for season 7 because ASP was finally going to put to rest any romantic future with Lorelai? Will Chris repair his relationship with Rory? When Luke and Lorelai are reunited, was part of the game plan that Chris and Luke could forge a friendship for the sake of the girls? Is his contract for 13 episodes only or is it open-ended and he’ll be around for the entire season? How does he feel that many fans don’t want to see him return to GG?

    From the upfronts in May, it looked like the cast of GG is close. Is that true? Can he give any anecdotes about some of the other people on the show?

  • j-dog

    Dear Marie and J.Stone,
    Show some consideration please and act like an adult. There is no reason for such disgusting statements on your part.

  • Elizabeth

    Since I have Christopher issues, but not David issues, I was wondering what other upcoming projects we can look forward to?

  • Elissa


    I know it looks this way bades on the previous comments above but I am not alone when I say I Love christopher. Luke he’s cool but he and lorelai are better as friends who flirt b/c that’s what they do. my question is do you think It’ll ever be truly the same gilmore girls without Dan and Amy. Because to me it seems impossible.

    P.S. 298 Reasons Why We Love Them

    1. Because they had a quaint evening of theater
    2. Because the Offspring rule, and so do Metallica
    3. Because she was sitting across from an amazing Christopher hologram
    4. Because it should have been Lorelai
    5. Because she offered him “the door thing”
    6. Because he never dreamed he’d get this lucky
    7. Because Emily always had the picture in her mind of the three of them together
    8. Because she’s known him since she was six
    9. Because she was the girl in the Pinky Tuscadero t-shirt sitting right next to him when he crashed his Porsche two hours after his parents gave it to him for his 16th birthday
    10. Because she was having a blast
    11. Because “It’s…Christopher”
    12. Because they’re the drama king and queen of Connecticut
    13. Because he asked her to marry him…twice!
    14. Because they’re already a family
    15. Because it’s always been her
    16. Because he knew where the spare key was
    17. Because he could be her young Tom Waits
    18. Because she always had him in the back of her mind
    19. Because Neil Young’s got nothing on him
    20. Because she’s coming around to the Volvo
    21. Because he knows her really well
    22. Because he’s her strong male lead
    23. Because he knew she’d need a camera
    24. Because she’s not on his “people to kill list”
    25. Because he knew that she was counting how many Brigadoon references she could come up with
    26. Because he opened the car door for her
    27. Because he knew who Trixie was
    28. Because she was glad he could join them
    29. Because she needs protection
    30. Because she didn’t put all the blankets away
    31. Because he saw “the look” – the same one she gave on Homecoming Court
    32. Because they have a daughter
    33. Because he knew that she freaked out with Max
    34. Because he bought her a DVD of The Graduate
    35. Because he’s always been crazy about her
    36. Because her destiny was to be with Christopher
    37. Because he’s smooth
    38. Because he knows all her secrets
    39. Because he read into Max’s CD collection
    40. Because all of her bad girl moments happened with him
    41. Because he’s worthy of her
    42. Because Emily’s love story inspired her to contact him
    43. Because he thought of everything
    44. Because he can picture her married to the right guy.
    45. Because they waltzed
    46. Because he said it was good to hear from her
    47. Because she will hunt him down like a half-priced Kate Spade purse
    48. Because he was there when she woke up
    49. Because he drove as fast as he could
    50. Because the old Christopher still lives
    51. Because she was so glad he was there
    52. Because he told her to get in
    53. Because someday when they’re awfully low…
    54. Because he wants a 2 for 1 gym membership
    55. Because she wants a do over
    56. Because they both didn’t want their parents’ lives
    57. Because he made her coffee
    58. Because they had an “Amazing” night
    59. Because he packed the gift basket himself
    60. Because he told her she’s awesome
    61. Because he was her hostage
    62. Because her parents like him
    63. Because deep down she was heartbroken when Chris got his life together with Sherry and not with her
    64. Because she could’ve had that effect on him
    65. Because Rory’s pictured the three of them living together at various times
    66. Because the prospect of them being together is there
    67. Because she and Chris were so linked in her mind
    68. Because after one more time maybe he’ll have an explanation
    69. Because they spent a lot of time out on the balcony
    70. Because they did good
    71. Because she wants to have his baby…oops, too late
    72. Because he was always a little jealous of her
    73. Because there was a chance for a “repeat” amazing
    74. Because he didn’t care if everyone thinks they did it
    75. Because apparently his evil plan worked exactly as he anticipated
    76. Because they were eager and willing to repeat their night together
    77. Because he was gonna break into Chilton and tamper with some votes
    78. Because he made it for the big unveiling
    79. Because she still needs him to drive safe
    80. Because she was waiting for him
    81. Because he put it together himself and it’s all for her
    82. Because the necklace wasn’t a funny gift
    83. Because she likes the superhero him
    84. Because he thinks she’s superwoman
    85. Because he told her that everything was going to be okay
    86. Because she understands
    87. Because he wishes he could stay longer
    88. Because he went for the popcorn
    89. Because she had a minute for him
    90. Because he thought she was in heaven
    91. Because she invited him to Sookie’s rehearsal dinner
    92. Because when it comes to Lorelai, he’s there
    93. Because they both felt for Jackson
    94. Because he saw what her face was doing
    95. Because she invited him to see all the fireworks for himself
    96. Because she found him and Sherry nauseating
    97. Because it’s like a real live love story
    98. Because her head was spinning
    99. Because he had a room upstairs
    100. Because his intentions were completely honorable
    101. Because can you imagine if Lorelai and Christopher got together after all these years?
    102. Because just like Rory, Lorelai likes it “when he’s around.”
    103. Because Lorelai wanted his motorcycle.
    104. Because Chris is the only one who calls her “Lor”.
    105. Because Lauren likes C/L together.
    106. Because Lorelai brought Chris the “grown up milk and cookies”
    107. Because she stayed up all night with him.
    108. Because he’s Lorelai’s soul mate. Period.
    109. Because She thought he would like the jute box
    110. Because He put his jacket around her
    111. Because He joked that all her regular 976 numbers were busy
    112. Because He’s worthy
    113. Because They are SO sappy
    114. Because He Joined her in the giant out patient mental intuition
    115. Because He does like this hotel
    116. Because He Knew what her face was doing
    117. Because She likes it when he’s bossy
    118. Because She told him to buy himself a sofa
    119. Because They have the super hero reference thing going
    120. Because They pepper their conversation with movie and pop-culture references
    121. Because he always gets her refrences
    122. Because he understands her past *and* her future.
    123. Because he has the better butt!!
    124.Because we will always believe!
    125. Because she loves his car sound system
    126. Because they are bow-tie serious
    127. Because she nudged him playfully, when said he was facing the screen
    128. Because she was right- He liked the jute box
    129. Because they’ve both used Squeak Masters
    130. Because they both wanted to wait to move the car
    131. Because she made Martini’s for them
    132. Because Everything else in the room seemed to disappear and all she could see was him
    133. Because She shared her milk duds with him
    134. Because He found seats for them
    135. Because She loved his Pompous Princeton Guy bit
    136. Because they had someone to share and exchange their funny remarks about the panel with
    137. Because they created Rory
    138. Because They wanted to do the wave
    139. Because They wanted to take Rory out for a soda
    140. Because there were no real complaints when Rory turned them down
    141. Because They were rain checked together
    142. Because Their banter was perfect as always
    143. Because They both had no idea what Rory was saying
    144. Because they loved having company in their vocabulary deficiencies
    145. Because She he enjoyed her joke about the cemetery
    146. Because He broke his own record for how many times he said “Lor” in an ep
    147. Because He wanted her to dud Pompous Princeton Guy
    148. Because they were acting like a happily married couple
    149. Because Ice cream soda for 2 has a very romantic flavor
    150. Because He kept kissing her on the check
    151. Because She was worried enough about him and his daughter to try and give him advice
    152. Because His apology was so heartfelt
    153. Because He knew she was right
    154. Because They are both finding comfort in sharing their feelings of single parenthood
    155. Because She never wanted to kill him
    156. Because She thought the floor looked festive
    157. Because She thinks he doesn’t suck as a Dad
    158. Because He was so grateful she is always there
    159. Because She thinks he is a great guy with a great heart
    160. Because He knows how truly amazing she is
    161. Because They will fix this together
    162. Because She wants to help him with GiGi
    163. Because Her house was a mess, the kid was a brat, but having contact with Chris makes her smile
    164. Because He could be there in 20 minutes
    165. Because They were wondering about the Bull and China
    166. Because They finish each other’s sentences
    167. Because Thank you frakking Celine Dion
    168. Because He came to her rescue
    169. Because He’s Rory’s father and THE man for Lor
    170. Because We ship them and we are TPTDI
    171. Because He used her No word
    172. Because She was proud he turned GiGi around
    173. Because He didn’t get the memo cos his desk is a mess
    174. Because He ran the Sidekick past her
    175. Because She didn’t need him to run the Sidekick past her
    176. Because She found a man in just one day
    177. Because She grabbed him and ran
    178. Because She was having a blast running with him
    179. Because He was having fun in his slippery shoes
    180. Because She was pleased about his whip cracking
    181. Because She wanted one of his Tacos
    182. Because It was his pleasure to escort her to the wedding
    183. Because She was so happy and grateful for his help
    184. Because She was at a wedding with a man she could have fun with
    185. Because He joked that he always wanted to meet Jenna Jamison
    186. Because She feigned indignance about Jenna Jamison, but was giddy with glee
    187. Because They were both at a loss as to why ppl were running
    188. Because They shared looks of amused confusion over the Universal sounds of family
    189. Because They are running mates
    190. Because through the hustle and bustle of 52 Koreans they held tight to each other
    191. Because It was a nice day for a tandem sprint
    192. Because She laughed and told him to suck it up
    193. Because He obeyed her suck it up command with much merriment and cheer
    194. Because They enjoyed running in a pair
    195. Because They were arm in arm
    196. Because She touched his shoulder and smiled at him over Miss Patty saying 58 seats 62 Koreans
    197. Because They beat out 62 Koreans for seats
    198. Because Wherever they are they find the fun and enjoyable side of a situation
    199. Because They both love that they have someone who will reciprocate their quirkiness
    200. Because They laugh together
    201. Because They are happy together
    202. Because They were both beaming when Lane walked up the aisle
    203. Because Lorelai squeezed up against Chris and excitedly told her first meeting of Lane story
    204. Because He laughed and delighted in her T-Shirt bit
    205. Because He gets her quirks and individuality
    206. Because He loves her craziness and understands it
    207. Because They have the lifelong friendship and have been stupid and screwed up their romance
    208. Because He knows they have been idiots with each other
    209. Because He was right behind her with the bar
    210. Because They were good and didn’t heckle at the wedding
    211. Because They were mystified but enjoyed the Korean wedding ritual
    212. Because He appreciated her pimp comment
    213. Because He cherished spending his day being her escort
    214. Because They joked with Rory over the sidekick
    215. Because Their Sidekick joking was a seamless display of team work
    216. Because They have the same sense of humor
    217. Because They were leaning all over each other in the photo
    218. Because Chris delighted in cosying up to the woman he loves
    219. Because Lor was surprised by his affectionate touching, but then relished being close to him and reciprocated his touch
    220. Because They were smiling bright in the photo
    221. Because Rory took at picture of a group of three couples deeply in love
    222. Because The picture was a snap shot of how life should be
    223. Because Chris and Lor are always touchy and warm with one another
    224. Because Physically touching is a natural and enjoyed thing for Chris and Lor
    225. Because They treasure being physically close
    226. Because Chris, Lorelai, and Roy were delighting in their family time at the wedding
    227. Because Chris and his Lorelais is a natural and happy thing
    228. Because Love’s not only true in fairytales
    229. Because Chris was cynical about marriage cos he’s lost the only woman he could ever love
    230. Because Marriage means nothing to Chris if he can’t be with Lor
    231. Because Chris was dejected and lamenting over his lost love
    232. Because He wishes life could have been different for him and Lor
    233. Because He was glad he came to the wedding
    234. Because He got her off the stage
    235. Because They were both unhappy over love not working
    236. Because He took charge
    237. Because He coaxed her away from the microphone
    238. Because He carried her into the house
    239. Because He tenderly caressed her face and arms
    240. Because He wanted to take care of her
    241. Because Disappointment has hunted all their dreams
    242. Because We’re believers, and there’s not a trace of doubt in our minds
    243. Because He made a call that sleep was what she needed
    244. Because He is her knight in a pink shirt
    245. Because He is the Wild Bill Hickok to her Calamity Jane
    246. Because Once she had a secret love
    247. Because He put her to bed
    248. Because He slept in her bedroom on the couch
    249. Because He carried her all the way up the stairs
    250. Because Her eyes were looking in his direction while on the phone to Luke
    251. Because True love never has an ending…
    252. Because She was warm and cozy in his Jacket
    253. Because He put his jacket on her
    254. Because He gave up his Jacket to keep her warm
    255. Because Nothing says love being giving the coat off someone’s back
    256. Because His Jacket suits her
    257. Because Giving her his Jacket at weddings in their thing
    258. Because They ALWAYS have each other’s backs
    259. Because She did the deflect and distract
    260. Because They kept looking at each other on the couch and at dinner
    261. Because She was joyous when she realized he wasn’t interested in Lynnie
    262. Because They were rubbing arms in a very turned on way in the bathroom
    263. Because He thought she was using code
    264. Because She wanted to help him out
    265. Because She was beaming when he left the bathroom
    266. Because She jumped in and saved him at dinner
    267. Because She was making him almost choke on his food with amusement
    268. Because She wanted to know what the hell kinda spy school he went to
    269. Because He followed her to the bathroom
    270. Because She commented that luckily he didn’t get ugly over night
    271. Because They are now Bathroom Buddies too
    272. Because Her face lit up with surprise and delight when he walked in the room at FND
    273. Because Lorelai gave Chris the OMG you’re being setup look when Lynnie walked in the room
    274. Because Chris only had eyes for one woman at FND
    275. Because Chris was worshiping Lorelai when she responded to Emily’s comment about Lynnie’s mother being her College roommate
    276. Because Lorelai didn’t like Emily pulling her arm and the rest of her away from Chris
    277. Because Lyinnie was on a date with Chris and Lor
    278. Because Emily is right: it’s so important to marry someone who can make you laugh
    279. Because Being in the bathroom was the best part of their evening
    280. Because The Bathroom and the 2 ppl standing in it were optimum Shampoo ad material
    281. Because Chris’ date took place in the bathroom
    282. Because contrary to all other interaction of that night, the conversation in the bathroom flowed with ease and happiness
    283. Because She was teasing him with the “Out Of What??????”
    284. Because There was plenty of code for “I feel deep passion and desire” in the bathroom
    285. Because When Emily said doesn’t he look like Carry Grant, she said yes
    286. Because He brings out her crazy zany best
    287. Because She signaled to him with her eyebrows merrily
    288. Because She went to him
    289. Because Her heart lead her home to her true love
    290. Because She may not be able to admit it, or even really know it, but her actions and emotions show he’s the man her heart has chosen
    291. Because He was there for her all night
    292. Because The man in bed with her was actually touching her
    293. Because He put his arm around her
    294. Because In the last scene of season 6 Lor was lying next to her true love
    296. Because He smiled tenderly and lovingly when he got back into bed
    297. Because She needs to wake up to the fact that her life is pointing her in the direction of Chris for one reason only
    298. Because Love is about being able to be yourself

  • Debbie

    Has David had any meetings or conversations with the new GG showrunner Dave Rosenthal? Obviously Amy Sherman-Palladino had plans for his character but based on the overwhelmingly negative response of the fans and critics to the Christopher character in the season finale, perhaps the new showrunner will rethink the Christopher story line. I believe that many of the fans would enjoy watching the Christopher character struggle to develop a real relationship with Rory.

    Perhaps I speak only for myself, but I will not watch Gilmore Girls if there is any, I mean any attempt to rekindle a romantic relationship between Lorelai and Christopher. For me, Christopher with Lorelai is the death of the Gilmore Girls that I loved.

  • Lola

    I think that David is a great actor, I just don’t like his character. He does a great job of portraying the ‘villan’. I would like to know what he thinks of this ‘Chris/Luke/Lorelai’ love-triange scenario.

  • Kait

    I’m curious to know how DS feels about Christopher’s relationship with Rory on the show. Does he feel that his very strained relationship with his daughter can be salvaged and that Christopher can find a comfortable place in both Rory and Lorelai’s lives without having to be WITH Lorelai.

  • emmphx

    What other plans does David have? Was he slated to appear in the never-came-to-life Palladino “Nick and Nora” Redux sitcom?

    PS Elissa: I happen to live in Jenna Jameson’s neighborhood. She’s a very nice woman doing a heck of a job with the assets she has, taking advantage of a moral weakness in the male of the species. That you would find degradation of women and taking advantage of the moral weakness of men something admirable, well that’s sad.

    PPS Elissa: Spell check is your friend…maybe you should ask your mommy or daddy how to use it. Unless your Daddy is like the “Christopher” character on GG — i.e. a deadbeat — then I hope your Mom has a “Luke” in her life!

  • clairol

    I’d like to know if he thinks Lorelai would really be happy if she were to marry Christopher. (Ugh – just typing that made me throw up a little in my mouth.)

    PS Elissa – JJ’s have a response to each and every item on your list and then some … but I’ll refrain from going there, because if I did, my post would be excessively long. But regarding #13, I’ll just say this: And Lorelai’s response was an emphatic “NO!” … TWICE! Thank God.

  • Babette

    Elissa, I see you skipped over No. 295. The Moment when Lorelai woke up and realized she made the biggest mistake of her life.

  • Catie

    Does DS really think that anything can come from a lorelai and Chris reationship at this point?

    and the big question:
    Who does he honestly think is best for Lorelai: Chris or Luke?

    also, is his contract AT LEAST 13 eps, or UP TO 13 eps?

    and lastly, does he know any of the plan for next year?

  • withbatedbreath

    Has David and the rest of the cast met with the new showrunner and execs? is there a chance that the original plans for the show (plotlines, contracts, etc) will change with the move to the new network? and um.. red vines or twizzlers?

  • Sheila

    Do you think its ok for fathers to treat their child the way Chris treated Rory by only seeing her when he had a chance to get into bed with Lorelai?
    What do you think of DR?
    Elissa thats not what this is for so leave your comments out of this.

  • David do you think Chris has a romantic future with Lorelai and if so how long.

    I know it’s an imposable question to answer as the new show runner is probably only just now working out how he wants the season to start, let alone end.

  • Kristin

    What qualities does he find appealing about the character of Christopher? I can’t think of any myself, but, hey, maybe I’m missing something.

    Does he truly think that Lorelai deserves to be in a relationship with someone who doesn’t show his elder daughter love? (I don’t think we’ve ever heard Christopher tell Rory that he loves her.)

    P.S. #294 on that list posted above is absolutely HILARIOUS. I don’t think I’ve ever had that look on my face after waking up next to the man I love. That look had nothing “loving” about it; Lorelai obviously was not thrilled with where she was and why she was there. I think Lorelai and Christopher fans are grasping at straws. Lorelai said it herself, she never loved Christopher. That fact and her look says it all.

  • Liz

    What is your favorite memory of being on the Gilmore Girls set?

  • Camilla

    David, I’m one of the actual fans of Chris’ character and always has been. While I do like Luke and Lorelai together, something about Christopher and Lorelai’s relationship have always got to me. Their strong connection and love that shows through the screen. It may only be first love, it may not be. My main question is this: Do you think that what Lorelai and Chris share is true love or just first love that you’re bound to move on from?

  • Zut

    I’m not afraid to admit this, but i don’t like the character of Christopher at all. Davd, i respect you for being able to lay such a horrible guy (in my eyes) and i think you are a fantastic actor. My question is, since it seems that Christopher is coming back next season, “Is you character always going to be used as a plot device between Luke and Lorelai, is he actually going to have a relationship with his daughter, or do you not know at this point in time?”

  • babygirrr

    David, I am also a huge fan of yours. I also have a love for the Chris/Lor relationship.. I happen to think it is more real of how a relationship works when their is a child involved. You never close that door. I just wanted to say I am very glad you are back and would love to see you more! Do you know what is in store for your character this season?

  • mozz

    David, you and Matt Czuchry are the reasons that I even started watching Gilmore Girls and am now catching up on DVD. I love your portrayal of Christopher and always look forward to seeing him in episodes. I have a few questions: 1) Which episode of Gilmore Girls that you’ve starred in has been your favorite, and why? 2) Who is your dream co-star, and what kind of film/show do you envision the two of you in? 3) How do you prepare for a role? How have you prepared for playing Christopher?

    Thanks. I’m very much looking forward to seeing you on TV again this fall!

  • Kay

    I seriously do want to know what DS thinks about Christopher’s “endearing qualities.” It would be nice to hear it from the actor’s mouth, because I find nothing endearing about Christopher. Maybe he can show me a new perspective.

    To the “tv addict” – For you to delete my question only shows that you are being a little biased. There was a list posted above that doesn’t have a question attached to it – therefore, should it really be considered for the interview? Especially considering it is full of skewed information. (Such as “waking up next to the man she loves,” because the last episode proved that Lorelai wasn’t in love with Christopher). The fact that you allowed that to be considered but you deleted a legitimate question like mine doesn’t speak too highly of your so-called “unbiased” opinion. Just so you know.

  • Before you answer my big question, do you know the process of how United 93 was made? (IE: All the method acting that went into it, all of the effort the director put into it trying to please the world)? If not please read about it. It’s something I can respect, especially as a theater junkie, a stage manager, an actor and as an American. Anyway, what is your opinion on the movie? (Please do not say it is too soon.)

  • Renée Goodwin

    Hi David,

    I am a huge fan of Chris. I feel you play him with wonderful depth and strength of character. I feel that over the past 6 seasons both the writting and your performance have shown Chris to be Lorelai’s intellectual equal, the person who best understands who she is, and the person who can banter with her and appreciate and get her references. He is a guy who is never cold or distant with her; he is warm and loving. He is also a guy with a fun side, who is forever the gentleman, and also is charming and respectful of everyone. Yet, he also understands his own shortcomings and has regret for his actions regrading his absence and such over the years in Rory and Lorelai’s lives. Chris has been shown to be a deep and compelling character with complexities. You have brought this character to life. You have portrayed him with a brilliant vibrancy and texture. As well, as being a fan of Chris, as is already evident, I’m a total fan of the Chris and Lorelai romance and totally absorbing love story! You and Lauren have the most phenomenal chemistry ever on TV! Chris and Lor are perfect for one another. I feel they have a connection that is rare and profound. They make each other whole. I feel being with Chris is where Lorelai’s life needs to be headed in order for the show to end on a poignant and touching note.

    I would like to know, do you feel that Chris is the man to whom Lorelai is best suited? In your portrayal of him, has it been your intent to show Chris as Lorelai’s soulmate?

    Thanks again for your super work as Chris! And Happy Birthday for the 8th of June!

    – Renée Goodwin