90210 Premieres in Canada Tomorrow!

Tomorrow is the day! After at least 10 years off the air, the classic show that hooked me on TV premieres in Canada (Check out the video above for a bit of nostalgia!). So psyched to spent some time with my favourite gang from West Bev! Re-live the memories. Drunk Dylan living out of his hotel. Kelly’s mom snorting coke at the fashion show. Brandon & Brenda realizing they’re going to have to get better cars!. The classic sleepover with ‘Skeletons in the Closet’. And of course, the night Brenda and Dylan finally ‘go all the way’. Pretty much I’m so excited to watch Steve Sanders devolve from quasi high school student to a 40 year old with a receding hairline!

For more info, check out TVTROPOLIS’ official web site at http://www.canada.com/tvtropolis/index.html

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  • God, there is nothing better than watching Donna Martin get raped!

  • You know, not that I condone rape… Cause I sooooo don’t. I just love wathcing bad things happen to Tori Spelling!

  • duckyxdale.. that didn’t at all sound creepy!!! but seriously.. i can think of one thing better then that… seeing. DONNA MARTIN GRADUATE!

  • Oh, the Tshirts are blazing! I really wasn’t being a sicko!